Aug 21, 2022
Hi all
Curious on the page I'll explore it.
Married for 35 years. 20 years ago we started inviting other men in our bed, but fast she was out on her own too, leading to my beginning place as a cuckold.
But that was some years ago. Somehow she lost interest in the lifestyle. Pushing doesn't help at all, so I try my best to be patient and wait for an opportunity.
Just the other day... a guy we met with incredible 20 years ago have contacted her. We have no secrets, so she told me. She asked me if it would be nice to meet with him again... maybe just to talk!?! Oh boy would it be nice I thought, but only muffled a 'yes of course'.
So that's where we are... I cross my fingers... that there will be more to come. I'm in for anything!