May 14, 2020
Central NC
We also keep our naughty life separate except for 1 friend who lives abroad but he travels on business often and when he does he always makes sure to stop over at our place to fuck my wife.
We have a friend who travels in on business from Chicago here as well and he was here Sunday afternoon. He comes in once a month on business. As for regular friends, vanilla ones, none of them know about this. But lifestyle friends, they all come over to fuck the wife.
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My exwife openly screwed many of my friends and coworkers. Many of these guys would stop by the house for a cold beer and if he wanted a blowjob or screw her I would just let them go about their business. It was not uncommon for another guy to stop by while she was getting screwed by someone else.
so I have a neighbor who gives me a blowjob before we drink coffee together in the morning and then he fucks me very well daily
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