Elena y el cornudo


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Jan 5, 2016
I had never accepted or taken into account \ 's meeting with one man, but I wanted it to be fucked more men, perhaps because I would hate it one man, too intimate, too much competition between us, rather, two or more than two .
When we arrived at \ 'apartment was very tense, but it was giving see, my heart was beating at \' madness, but she seemed pretty quiet and safe, a short flight of stairs and entered in the \ 'flat \' s environment was Soft, soft lighting, candles, background music, fortunately the guys seemed kind in place, you never know these days ... clean and very friendly, offered us by Beere, we began to talk about this and that to get to know, were really nice and the conversation was pleasant, I was sitting in the chair, Nadia on the sofa with one of the two.
The talk became gradually more and more intimate, and the fact that she had said she does not wear panties had received a lot of excitement. Not long after that the guy next to her with the excuse of smell her perfume kissed her neck, the lower the dress letting the breasts and began kissing him, she smiled complacently and let him be, l \ 'else was kneeling before opening them up her legs, her excitement was felt in the air, she arch my back lifting my butt to get the dress to see her perfectly shaved pussy naked, was visibly excited, in the dim light we could see the shiny, sticky liquid that the wet, when the boy approached the mouth arched her pelvis, and to facilitate them to give him his big lips.
The guy put his tongue in the middle of the vagina, Nadia reached out to look forward to groping the other member, he did it naturally, probably thought he had already done, but in reality it is the first time with two men. He found his penis, already erect, slid his hand lowering the skin to release the chapel, she wanted to taste it, it's always been good with her mouth and she wanted to demonstrate to the new friends, and brought it to his mouth as naturally began sucking hungrily.
The boy was licking that had entered the first two then three fingers in her pussy bagnatissima, stood up to put a condom on his dick and aim it at \ 'entrance of her pussy and began to penetrate, the first light came slowly, then faster movements Strong, Nadia felt fucked up at the bottom, and began to enjoy the situation, his eyes closed, I watched carefully to catch the slightest sign of his body, his breathing had become deep, and every groan from his lips, despite the situation, I felt jealous, indeed desire, arousal, admiration for her.
The two boys filled her with \ "congratulations \" and praise, never dull, never repetitive at times perhaps a little vulgar, but of fact, she liked the attention discrete and punctual.
The boy went on for a while 'then stops, the position was too uncomfortable, take your hand and lead her into the bedroom, undress, and one lies down on his back, in the meantime she had taken off her dress and bra , being the only naked with Paris and heels, now it was really exciting, had climbed on the bed, and began to lick the boy's cock then at his request, after she slipped a condom, had risen above he was just resting her vagina stretched over the glans, as to make her taste, then approaching his face to his lips joined in a lingering kiss. He knew that bothered me, I consider a very intimate kiss, but had probably done on purpose, I felt some discomfort, but was part of the game.
After a while your upper body away from him and the sex of the boy slipped inside her until it disappears completely into her vagina until the balls began to go up and down with her buttocks taut in the effort, when the member was out of shiny moods, not I explain my emotions come and go but see her vulva that member, to see it full of him, I loved it.
I wanted to see her enjoying, I wanted to see THAT \ 's enjoy inside her pussy, finally after all this time I was showing what could be a girl and how her whole being was devoted to sex, it was magnificent ... is amazing while getting fucked, I could see how it really was not that my senses obscured by the pleasure that could give me his body.
What amazed me and that was not at all embarrassed, in fact he was at ease and excited a lot, maybe too excited to judge how many moods left on \ 'auction of flesh that flowed into her, while her body was violated languidly lying on the cock of another guy, sucked and stimulated his penis \ 's more, like the most normal thing in the world.
His breathing had become heavy it was close to \ 'orgasm, moving faster and decided, after a long but stifled groan, almost ashamed, to take it down and stopped completely in limiting the pelvis to contract rhythmically, panting, was enjoying , and trembled for the intense emotions experienced, relaxed on him for a while kissing on the mouth again.
She began to move to give pleasure to the boy that was still moving quickly penetrating his body by offering friendly, knew the boy could not resist for long, as if she sensed his state, after a lunge decided she froze on him to feel the pulse of the cock that he enjoyed, he was loudly while it was planted deep in his belly.
I'll be back to kiss him again, leaning his cock out of her pussy covered by profilatto and full of his pleasure, he took it off and Nadia took him in her mouth to clean it up.
That first fucked had excited the kids who looked like a cohesive team, the games had begun again, took turns to give her maximum pleasure, to make her come back, they stimulated the most secret places of his body, changed positions several times, alternating between the her mouth and her vagina, she sucked their cocks with taste expertly licking my balls and scrotum.
One of the guys came in her mouth, she swallowed it all greedily, I loved it to see the sperm sample. Everything about her answer to the passion of the two, every single fear was gone, had allegedly a natural and full availability, while the front appears penetrated, the \ 'other tried to creep back, but he received his refusal, she was to propose put two in front.
I was entranced by her statement! the boy did not need to repeat, point to the chapel \ 'entrance to the vagina is already occupied by \' s cock, arching her ass trying to facilitate penetration, really wanted them both in, was so wet and dilated without difficulties crept along with the first in her pussy, Nadia uttered a groan, hard to say whether of pleasure, pain, or rather by surprise, began to fuck her in two with slow movements and short.
The penetration of two cocks it was not easy, one went out several times, prompting some to general laughter, finally found the right position and began to move in a more coordinated and rhythmic, his body responded, rather than physical pleasure, enjoyment mental, stronger and deeper than usual, from the heart rather than the clitoris, the fact of taking two cocks in her pussy was a very unconventional, imagine how he felt at that moment and the bitch would be, for me, for her, for them ...
It was completely abandoned to pleasure, her mouth slightly open and with a grimace particular caught his eye, gave me a smile, as if to encourage me to look, not look for my approval, but as for me, \ "I wanted to bitch \ ", \" look what I can do \ "his eye was satisfied, proud of himself, his femininity of her womanhood.
Watch two dicks penetrate her pussy was no small thing, I had seen her do some porn, I never thought to see him do to my woman, my heart was beating a thousand, you! eventually became the bitch who longed.
United in the pleasure, the words \ "appreciation \" rather heavy of the two boys mingled with her moans and her urletti, what a show! I could not resist, I undressed and joined them, we played with her in three, we alternated at least a couple of times to try and perfect the double in her pussy, it was very nice and exciting for everyone.
It was a beautiful evening, after we have covered, we said goodbye ... in the car told me that it was great fun, had her pussy sore but satisfied, reliving the images in the mind of what I had just tried, Nadia had been able to handle the situation and he was perfectly at ease with most men, I realized that this was only \ 's inception. I was convinced that he would soon be asked to repeat the \ 'experience perhaps increase the number of individuals.
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