Ever been caught? My buddy just caught us


Jan 7, 2017
a good friend of mine crashed at our place this last week while he waited for his place to be remodeled. We have a two bedroom condo in the city. He of course stayed in the guest room. He said he'd be gone for a night for a conference on Friday night so we invited a guy over for my wife to fuck.

By about 8 on Friday night, we were all feeling good from the drinks and my wife and her guy were fucking on the couch. We normally use the guest room but didn't because my buddies belongings were in there. Plus, the couch is fun sometimes. We keep other guys out of our room. I was in the kitchen pouring drinks when the door opened and in walks my buddy. We all froze and stared at each other until he apologized and said he'd leave for awhile.

He looked freaked out and felt bad. He said he'd go have some drinks and hurried out. I caught with him after telling my wife and the guy they can finish if they want (they didn't, my wife was too embarrassed. She's always been afraid someone will find out). I had drinks with my buddy and explained how much we enjoy involving other guys.

We went back home and all three talked to calm my wife's nerves. He was super cool about it and promised to keep our secret.
I must admit it was pretty exciting for me to talk about it with someone else like I did. The down side is that my wife is still freaked out and wants to take a break for awhile. I don't understand why.

Anyone ever encountered anything like this? Any advice?


Jan 5, 2017
you mean embarrassed like the first time my wife and I were both caught outside in the yard and totally naked with no clothes and nowhere to hide. All things must pass. For us being busted, and now known as the neighborhood nudists has become a badge we wear with pride rather than the shame felt at first. Your friend and you can certainly put her mind at ease somehow. Convince her of the fact that you are solid and secure as a couple and can enjoy activities like this. Most couples do not have this luxury. If you can show her the pride factor it may turn around.


Jun 26, 2016
Chicago Illinois
We have been caught a few times in our backyard and on our boat. The first time was embarrassing our neighbor watched as my wife was getting double teamed in our backyard. He came up to the next day and told me what he saw. I just laughed and apologized for my wife and explained our lifestyle. He was taken aback but also a little curious.
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Aug 8, 2016
Went out for a beer with a friend of mine, his wife and two female cousins of hers.
At that time I already had the opportunity to fuck his wife more than once with him watching, so he was aware of everything.
However, they wanted to play a rather dangerous game.
The wife went to the toilette (that were located upstairs in this pub in London) and after few minutes sent me a message saying "come into the women's toilette, it's empty and no one around".
So I did, I went there and she was waiting for me. The toilette had 2 sink just after the entrance door, then, on the left, another 3 doors that led to the toilette itself. She dragged me in the further one and locked the door behind her back. I knew she was on her period and I knew that she didnt wanted to fuck, so I really didnt see it coming. However, after pulling her boobs our, she started giving me oral.
After no more than 5 minutes, someone came into the toilette, and despite there were 2 other available, she tried to open the one we were in. My friend's wife had to stop and repied from behind the door, and when we found out that it was her cousin asking if she was ok.
She dismissed her very quickly by saying that it was everything ok and at that point we heard her foostep leading outside the door.
She kept sucking me until I had finished. At that point she went out first making sure no one was in there and heading to the sink to wash few cum spots that were accidentally dropped on her shirt. As soon as she said to me "ok you can come out and leave, no one's here", I tried to sneak out from the toilette but all in a sudden the main door opened and her cousin showed up.

Useless to say that she understood rather quickly what happened in there, as she found me in the middle of the women's toilette while her cousin was trying to wash her shirt with a tissue near the breast zone.
My friend's wife told me to leave as her cousin was staring at her suprised and speechless. Although my friend was totally aware of what was happening in the toilette, he wasnt expecting we getting caught by the cousin. So we spent the rest of the evening explain to both of them our lifestyle.
My friend's wife was terrified by the idea that her cousins would have said something to her parents, but so far the secret has been kept.
And she didnt want to stop the "play" although we never did something like that again outdoor.


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Dec 30, 2016
Can't say we have although we have involved a few people we have known as friends or work colleagues so there are others who know what we do...does that count?
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Oct 10, 2017
we stayed in a hotel in birmingham one night, met up with 2 guys in the bar, prearranged meet, and while we we're there, friends from work came in and saw us, they came over and spoke, and said 'enjoy your evening' and winked, nothing was said next week at work, but i think they know what we we're up to


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Jun 30, 2018
We have been caught a few times in our backyard and on our boat. The first time was embarrassing our neighbor watched as my wife was getting double teamed in our backyard. He came up to the next day and told me what he saw. I just laughed and apologized for my wife and explained our lifestyle. He was taken aback but also a little curious.
This is hot for us it be a nightmare to get caught were still kinda frsh to it in a way who was she getting double teamed by if you don't mind me asking
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Apr 27, 2017
We have never been caught by anyone we know. At a bike rally a few years ago we were having some fun with the guy camping next to us in his camper when a buddy of his walked in and stared like he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Ann told him he could join in or leave but not just stand there and stare at us. He had his clothes off in record time. They were both married. He later apologized for his initial reaction, he told us he just didn't think his buddy would cheat on his wife and it was the first time he had cheated on his wife.

They both cheated 3 more times that weekend!
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May 14, 2018
My wife got caught by her sister fucking my best friend at a cookout we were having. At the time her and my best friend were fucking every chance they could. So we invited him to a cookout we were having and he planned on spending the night with my wife that night. So during the cookout she told him to meet in our bedroom for a quickie. While she forgot to lock the bedroom door so while he had bend over the bathroom sink fucking her from behind her sister walked in looking for a pool towel. But neither of them seen her come in so after he finished inside her they walked out and her sister was standing there bitching at her about cheating on me. So she explained our situation about her being a shared wife and all that. Don't think her sister fully understood it but excepted her explanation. So my best friend did spend the night and ended up fucking my wife 3 more times that night before he left in the morning.


Dec 22, 2017
“She's always been afraid someone will find out”
Besides you it’s the bull/s who knows and since it’s a small world it is really good chance that someone close will find out. Especialy if you are doing it in your home or home town... just my opinion.


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Jun 13, 2018
My wife wanted once very much to fuck her boss. She did it, he was not difficult to get. But one afternoon he wanted to take her in his office, hopping everybody left... She started by kneeling under his desk to suck his cock.. not long after one guy knoked and stepped in... He obviously saw her shoes under the desk and saw boss face when he entered :)
But left after few moments of surprise and let them resume their "job"
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Aug 26, 2017
We’ve been caught twice.

The first time was in Las Vegas. My wife, me, and a guy she picked up in the casino were riding the elevator up to our suite for a good fuck session - my wife was making out with the guy on the elevator. When it stopped at our floor, and the doors opened, to my shock and surprise were a couple of our “vanilla” friends waiting to get on the elevator. It was pretty embarrassing, and there’s no explaining away your wife lip and tongue-locked to a stranger, who’s hands are gripping her ass-cheeks with her dress lifted…

That coincidence led to us not socializing with these friends again.

The second time occurred at an office function for my wife’s firm - she uses sex to manipulate one of her editors, and at that event, had taken him into what they thought was a deserted floor of the building, so that she could blow him. She was sitting in an open cubicle in a chair with her tits hanging out of the top of her dress, sucking his cock when they got surprised by a temp co-worker who had come up to get something from her workstation. She ran off, and it created a mild scandal, which died out after a couple of months.
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Nov 24, 2018
twice. The first time at a party at our house my wife our neighbor and I snuck off into our masterbath for some quick fun. Her friend from work walked in needing to use the bathroom. My wife was bent over the sink counter while my neighbor was fucking her and I was watching. He just said oops!..sorry! and walked back out. She spoke with him later and he told her that he and his wife had tried swinging in the past and that our secret was safe. I'm sure he told his wife but never told anyone at their work to our knowledge. The second time was almost a year later at a bbq my neighbor had. They went off into his bathroom and a buddy of his walked in while she was blowing him. I'd met the guy briefly but didn't know him so it wasn't a big deal. He did give us some weird looks later at the party but never said anything to my neighbor about it.


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Jul 31, 2019
We were caught by my wifes friend leaving after watching my wife getting fucked. We picked up this guy and went back to our hotel room when we were dine we were in the elevator and on the way doen it stopped. Her friend was staying at the same hotel she stepped in and looked surprised. My wife got tense and they were talking. The guy stood quiet and when we got out of the elevator he went his seperate way. I appreciated that actes like he didnt know us. In the lobby her friend came out sais and joking that she thought the guy was with us. My wife got touchy and went into a panic. After that night we decided we would just wait until we go on vaction and pick up guys
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Oct 25, 2016
Not sure if it's classed as caught or not..
My wife picked a guy that was 35 miles away, so as it was far away, and her first meeting with him, I went with her.
They spend some time getting aquainted on his couch, with the plan that I would go outside for a smoke, which was their cue to go up to his bedroom (my wife is still surprisingly shy and doesn't like leaving to go upstairs with me there).
Sure enough, upon my return they had left the room.
I sat in his living room, with the subtle noises above my head of them making out, giggles, clothes falling off etc until the house was full of only the second guy ever to be fucking her.
I was so turned on, and when the sounds stopped, I thought it was over so I went into the front garden to have a much needed smoke..
His bedroom was to the front of the house, his light was on and as it was a very warm summers evening, his windows were wide open, it was so hot thinking my fucked wife was laying naked in his bed...
I must have looked very suspicious, my hoodie on, smoking a cig and loitering in this guys front garden when a voice behind me says "can I help you?"...
It was his neighbour leaning over the small deviding fence, right below the bedroom of my wife's lover.
Without thinking I said, " no mate, me and my wife are visiting *, we are friends, I'm just having a smoke, whilst she makes us all a cuppa" ( I thought I was doing well under pressure).
Just as I said that, the sound of my wife giggling came from the opened window, and with that I said the first thing that came to me.. "what's she doing up there"....
Just at that moment, I wanted a hole to swallow me up, all kinds of noises started to come from the bedroom, unmistakable sounds of two people fucking, and fucking hard!.
We both just looked at Eachother over the sound of him fucking my wife, and all I could say was "OK, I lied about her making a cuppa", to which he replied "none of my business mate, but you may want to tell them to be quieter".
I retreated back in, and to this day, I never told my wife, if she had known, the embarrassment could well have stopped her playing for good