Fantasy for wife and I. Please reply with how you would disrespect her, and myself. ULT. HUMILIATION

Jan 9, 2018
Emily had just gotten ready for a night out on the town (While her hubby is at work) A few drinks, and a little flirting won't hurt at all. Waiting for the Ladies room, Emily stood outside between the Mens/Womens doors. Leather skirt, Leopard print top, and a sex vibe that drives men crazy. This big white guy comes out and says "Hey there, girl" Emily says "FUCK OFF loser. He grabs his crotch and told her she has no idea what shes been missing...You overhear and see the irresistible girl he was hitting on. You rush back in to adjust your jusk and make sure it is clearly visible. Emily does seem to notice and blush. You sit with her girlfriends, and she makes sure you get the seat across from her. You see her slip her thong off and put them in her purse. Then she kicks your shin drawing your attention her way. She motioned for you to look downward. Her legs were split enough to see each lip, and they were so big like a butterfly. You drink awhile and she slips your straw up her pussy sneakily before you get it. You make sure she sees you lick it clean. Near closing she asked for a ride, but she was way drunk, so you took her to your hotel. Sat her on the bed and she asked if you would call her husband.

"Fuck that limp dick husband, you here all alone aint you bitch?" She is nervous "Take that shirt off and show me them titties." She is wearing no bra and tries to cover "Lower your skirt now....NOW!" She quickly listens covering her crotch with one hand and her nipples with her arm. You shove her back on the bed. She is still all covered. "Rub your titties...NOW" She slowly does. "Move that other hand" She looks scared but moves it anyway. Her pink lips are so large you can see them. "SPREAD THOSE LEGS BITCH AND PULL YOUR PUSSY APART" She does spreading her lips so wide, and you have a perfect view of her asshole. You walk up on her left side and you place a hand on her pink lips, so soft and pink. You take her wrist and make her LEFT HAND (The one with the wedding ring) wrap around your shaft. You order her to spit on it and stroke it....while she does you massage her clit. You move up and force your cock in her mouth. Gagging makes her close her eyes, plus she is scared. Soon you make a small whistling sound. 3 more nude black men come in the room....They jerk off while they look at her, and she has no idea until a face crams into her pussy and another huge cock is placed in her right hand. One more friend was in the room. Her thought was "FUCK NO, that cannot fit in my ass" You whisper to her saying "Big T is about to fuck you in your pretty perfect little ass. "Please she begs." You pull out and Big T uses her pussy to lubricate his cock. It took time, and she screamed but soon she was bucking like a horse and begging you not to stop. She got cum down her throat, all over her chest and in her hair, in her asshole, and twice in her pussy. It wasn't until she sat up that she realized there were 6-8 more horny black men in the room looking her over. She was too sore to fuck, but she was made to swallow every load.