Festive frolics


Dec 25, 2016
So I guess the holiday spirit was strong with my wife yesterday... for the first time, she said she wanted to try vaginal dp.
Our friend (let's call him Charlie) was with us and I've had the pleasure of seeing the two of them together a few times. She asked to have her breasts tied first, then we all played a q&a game about our various experiences. Very arousing for all concerned, especially as we already knew what was to be on the menu later. Well, I don't want the story to get too long, so I'll stick with the basics.
My wife's pussy got exactly what it wanted, first from me (not allowed to cum), then from Charlie, with me holding his balls while he knelt in front of her sitting on the sofa (also no cumming).
After that, the ropes had come loose (I need more practice!) and we moved to the bed. Charlie laid back and got ridden (his cock has a rather thick head, so he went in first) and after a minute or so I opened her up a little with my finger and then pushed myself into her from behind.
The feeling of her riding Charlie with my cock just following her movement was amazing. In almost no time at all, they both started cumming and set me off too.
After Charlie left, I put on my strap and took her hard, relishing the feel of a cum-filled pussy like never before.

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