Finding endowed guy


May 9, 2020
wife and I have been fantasizing for a while about having a mfm with another guy who has much bigger dick than mine. When we started talking about making it a reality she mentioned She has an old guy friend she used to sext with. She said he has one of the biggest and best looking looking cocks she’s ever seen. Sexted and masterbated to him whenever she was single over the years. He lives in another state so she was never able to actually have sex with him. I told her to ask and see if he’s interested. She was super excited since she knows him well enough that we could trust not having to use a condom. The other guy cumming inside her and me after him is a big part of the fantasy for us both. When she talked to him he had a few questions then agreed. Unfortunately, since he lives in another state we weren’t able to make it happen before he started dating someone. Now it seems my wife has lost interest for the most part. We don’t have any other acquaintances or friends that we know of that are big nice shaped dick and safe to not use protection. I suggested we should join a website so she can find a guy who has the attributes she wants and get to know him a little so she’s feels comfortable. She doesn’t want to put in that much effort though. I’m wondering if it will ever happen now if the only way she will do it is if it’s someone we know, willing and has a big dick she likes. Fantasizing and role playing with a big strap on is amazing but I can only imagine the real thing is way better. Any suggestions on how to make her more open to finding someone elsewhere?
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