First baby step – fantasy role play with delightfully wet outcomes


Nov 13, 2022
Having read some of the suggestions on the ‘how to convince wife’ forum I decided to take a very small first step in the form of a fantasy role play where I was the seductive massage therapist. The endgame for this scene was to mention that the paramour had a big dick – I was keen that just before penetration I would tell her “I have a big dick. Maybe it is bigger than your husband’s” and see how she reacted.

I played it cool though. We were both home without the kids for the first time in a while and I knew she had a sore back so I set up towels and a blanket on the bed to surprise her. “ I am your massage therapist for today” I told her putting on a slight accent. I had donned a polo shirt and short-shorts telling her that it was my uniform. She told me that I “Look like a pool-boy”. “That’s my part-time job on the side” I replied.

She went along with the role play - it was all very playful and tongue in cheek. “Should I take off my underwear?” she asked. I told her to do whatever she felt comfortable doing. She chose to go naked.

I acted like a real massage therapist covering up her lower half as I massaged her top half with her lying face down. I took my time but kept the role play going with comments like “your husband is a lucky man” etc. I gradually worked the towel down so that her buttocks were exposed “Mmm, I can see you workout” I told her. I kneaded her cheeks for a while, ensuring that I gradually increased the intensity and worked lower so that I knew her labia would be parting. She moaned her appreciation.

Then I teased her by moving down to her feet and gradually working my way up her legs. Once I got to her hamstrings I worked my hands higher and higher up her inner thighs And eventually my fingers brushing against her lips. I could feel she was already wet. “For you” I said “I will give you a special massage”.

“Are you sure this is OK?” she asked

“Don't worry” I told her “I won’t tell your husband”. I worked in two fingers with my left hand caressing her g-spot while I played with her clit with the other hand. She again moaned her appreciation. I worked in a third finger and buried them as deep as I could. I have checked with a tape measure and have verified that - at the base - when I am using three fingres it is about half an inch girthier than my pencil dick (5 inches for the fingers, 4 ½ for my wee-willy-winky so effectively moving from a pencil dick that fails the toilet roll test to an average one). I continued to work her clit until she was really hot and wet at which point she asked for her vibrator (I cannot make her come without mechanical assistance).

She wrenched the vibrator out of the bedside drawer and assumed a doggy style position. I again slid three fingers in as deep as they would go, spreading her pussy wider than my slender penis ever will. I could tell she was close to an orgasm at which point she will usually push my hand away as her pussy usually becomes very sensitive. However in a first she allowed me (or more precisely, her masseuse) to stay inserted and I began grinding my fingers in a pulsing motion so that they continued to spread her wider than her husband could. She then came as intensely as I have ever heard her.

For those of you who have read my interminable introduction you will know that this is usually the point in proceedings where I am allowed to jump on for the few minutes that it takes me to get my little rocks off. This was my moment; my wife had moved into a spooning position and I lay behind her rubbing my cock on her peach of a rump. As planned, I told her in the masseuse’s voice “I have a very big dick. I hope you can handle it”. I easily slid my slender tool inside her soaking wet opening saying “maybe it is bigger than your husband's” but unfortunately I did not have time to gauge her reaction as I came on what must have been the third stroke, just managing to withdraw in time to dribble my sticky little load all over my abdomen. I don't usually have much stamina but this was the quickest that I have ever come once inserted.

At this point the role play was over as far as she was concerned and we cleaned ourselves up and had a cuddle as husband and wife. So, one baby step but unfortunately I could not contain myself to achieve the goal seeing how she would react to a lover who insinuated he had superior endowment to her husband.

It's been nearly two weeks since then and I have made the old allusion about her having an appointment with her masseuse. We are both off work again tomorrow and she was talking about going shopping with a friend but when I said “why don't you make an appointment with your masseuse” she was quite enthusiastic about staying home.

So, there is the option of repeating this again and hoping my little pistol doesn't go off in the holster this time. Recently however I purchased a ski mask and some bondage rope as I know my wife harbours a rape fantasy. That option therefore is also on the table.

She is going for a girls' night out in another two weeks where I expect she will come home late and drunk. I am thinking masseuse fantasy tomorrow and then the rape fantasy after the girls night when she is under the influence and less inhibited. I'm tossing up whether to include my cock sleeve (which adds an inch in length and half an inch in girth) into either of the scenarios. Therefore, if anyone has any tips or suggestions on how to play this I would love to have them. Note my end goal is not to be cucked in real life but more to introduce dildos, sleeves and pegging into our primarily vanilla play.