First post & Need advice for fiance


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Dec 11, 2015
Greetings to everyone in this amazing website,

this is my first post though I have been reading for over a year. What a great website, videos and pictures!

I need some good advice from the more experienced members of how to take my fiancé (soon to be wife) to the next level and become a hotwife.

My fiancé is 34 years old, very pretty, blond, with fantastic body, and always looks very sexy. She is Mediterranean. I want to see her engage and have sex with other men.

Few things about her: Before me and although she was living in a conservative environment (this is before moving to London), she had sex with 25+ man and been intimate with approximately 50 men in total.

Inside her she is quite exhibitionist and slutty. She likes to dress with tight trousers, dresses, high sexy heels and skirts and she enjoys people watching her and being provocative. She likes to dance in clubs and parties and be the centre of attention. When she dances there is no much difference from what you see on a strip club by professionals with the only difference that her clothes remain on. Commonly men approach her when she dances and put their hands all over her and particular on her ass where the main focus of her dance is. She will allow some light touching before moving herself away. Problem is she never does any of these when I am present although I encourage her, and I usually hear these stories second hand after a night out with her friends.

We are together for 4 years - all while in London. While with me she has had sex with 2 woman and 1 men and we have been few times together in strips clubs and swingers clubs (but nothing happened). When she cheated me with a man last xmas she told me only afterwards and we had amazing sex and fantasies with this. However, nothing really has happened since.

We have fantasies with her doing sex with other men and I have tried to do a threesome with her. The only time she really considered was with a very close friend of mine but I could not go ahead with this because all my friends and family would find out. I would like her to do a threesome with me and engage with other men (with me present or not), but obviously without the family and very close friends to know about this. I have suggested several things but she considers that I am pushing her and she becomes defensive.

One thing we have tried to played several times in the past is she going out to a bar dressed very sexy and I go after to see her activity but this has never really worked so much. Maybe some flirting but this was all. She generally looks more capable doing things when I am not present but this takes away all the fun for me. I would like to do this together.

I would like to take things to next level but I do not know how. Do you have any good advice about strategy of how we can progress and make her release the slut that I know she is?

thank you very much,

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Jan 11, 2016
She's let you know how she wants to progress: slowly. Make sure to reassure her that this is what you want and you will still love her after. If you haven't discussed these things they might be worrying her.