First time cuckolded

Mar 21, 2022
I'm not sure if I have shared this here or not, I can't locate it so I'm guessing that I haven't.

Almost 17 years ago my wife was cheating on me and I found out when I found pics on her phone of his cock in her pussy (she enjoyed showing them to her girlfriend). I then began watching her panties in the laundry hamper and found sperm stains in them fairly often. I was angry but I held back just to see how far it would go. After a month or so and many panty stains later ( and confusion as to why it made me hard) I confronted her. She started crying and told me she was sorry. By this time I had lots of time to “think” about it so I came out and told her that I understood that my little 3 inch cock was totally useless and I knew she was faking orgasms with me over the years. She was a little shocked but still tearing up. I also told her that I fully understood why she was cheating on me, because she is very sexual and needs more than I could ever give her. She was shocked but she listened intently. I then told her that I didn’t want her to stop seeing him but I wanted her to explain to him that I knew and I was ok with her having him as a regular lover and I wanted him to come to the house to talk. She was excited after being puzzled for a few hours but she called him and told him everything while I went into another room to give her some privacy to talk to him. He came over that night and had a look of fear on his face when she invited him in, so I just shook his hand and told him to relax and come sit down. After about 3 hours of chatting, she was sitting beside him and was rubbing his leg for awhile. She then leaned over to kiss him and he looked at me awkwardly so I just said, ok you two I’ll go watch tv for awhile while you take some time to absorb this. About an hour later she came into the living room and asked me to stand up. She hugged me and kissed me and asked me if it would be ok if they went to our bedroom to fuck. That hit me like a train for sure but excited me at the same time. I said “of course, go be happy”. Well I ended up listening to her squealing and calling his name over and over again while also hearing the sound of his balls slapping against her bum as he fucked her hard. I ended up going to the guest room to sleep but couldn’t get to sleep while listening to them making love and of course stroking my little cock with the thought in my head that he now owned my wife’s pussy, and that excited me sooooo much which again was still confusing me as to why I felt this way. I wanted badly to see the “proof” by witnessing his sperm leaking out of her married pussy, which she gladly let me see a few weeks later. About 8 years later and several lovers had cum and gone, she asked me if I would be upset if she asked me to stop fucking her. I told her that I would most likely miss it a bit but it wouldn’t upset me at all especially since I hardly had much sex with her anyway. She kissed me and told me she loved me so much but admitted that she really disliked my little cock and that I would cum in less than two minutes and I had done that since we first met. I laughed and said that I understood and agreed with her. Later that evening when her boyfriend came over she broke the news to him that her married pussy now belonged to him exclusively and that I was never again going to touch it except to lick her clean when she demanded it, which I do quite eagerly to this day, their combined juices have an intoxicating aroma and flavor. Knowing that his sperm is floating around in her tubes truly excites me and makes my tiny little pud hard as a rock! There are soooo many men just like me all over the world who enjoy being cuckolds, it’s our path in life and we've decided to accept that and embrace it. I truly love knowing that a better man is making love to my lovely wife in my place! 🙂
Dec 1, 2019
Norman, OK, USA
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