First Time Experience


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Jul 13, 2018
This is a fairly recent (late 2017) account of my wife's first time. It also has a lot of my own thoughts and feelings included as the whole cuckolding thing is a massive emotional rush. A lot of details I know to be fact, but there are some that I've had to piece together given what my wife told me. Honestly, this is more about what led up to this experience rather than the actual experience.
The idea of my wonderful wife, Angie, being with another man has always been in the back of my mind. Although some guys are jealous and possessive, I am kind of the opposite. Like many of you reading this, the thought is a total turn-on. But I was never really sure how to actually get her to do it though. I read about it and a lot of people say, "Just be honest and share your feelings." Made sense so I tried it and I let her know that if she ever wanted to be with another man then she had my permission. Yeah, that did not go over well. At all. I learned quickly to not push that subject.
Years passed and Angie would occasionally tell me about guys flirting with her or cat-calling her on the streets. And they should because for a 40 year old woman, she looks dang good. Not perfect, but I don't know too many straight guys that would turn her down. Flirting may be insignificant to some, but it was the only thing I had going at the time to satisfy my cravings of her being with another man. She would tell me about a guy she supervised at work who would make comments to her. Subtle comments, but I was glad she was being desired by others. I learned to just listen and not comment or else I was going to cause her to get all paranoid on me. Thus, I just absorbed all the details.

It was years later that she was reading her social media page and she said there was a guy that used to work at her company that was being a total flirt. She said he told her that he missed working there and he especially misses her. She also said that this just used to always be flirty with her. I put two and two together and figured this had to be the same person. I knew his name was Val and he was African, but other than that I knew nothing. Anyway, I told her maybe he was just being nice. Angie sort of had this "I don't know" skeptical look on her face. But again, I let it go without pressing. It was about a month later that she told me again that his guy was flirting. She said he wanted to go out for a drink with her so she would catch him up on the gossip at work. I told her that it doesn't sound like that big of a deal and questioned why she thought it was a bad thing. She replied, "Because he always flirts with me. Pretty sure he wants more than to just have a drink!" She paused then said, "But that probably turns you on, huh?"
Not wanting to get into a pissing match again, I said, "Not necessarily. If it turns you on, then it turns me on, but if it is annoying to you then it's also annoying to me and if that's the case then I think you need to de-friend this guy." I was really hoping she would cling on to the first part of that sentence and I so badly wanted to ask if it turned her on, but I didn't.
She went to his defense a little and told me that she didn't think he was that bad of a guy, just flirty. I decided to get bold and told her, "Then if it's no big deal what's the harm in going out for a drink? Hell, if he flirts, just flirt back and give him a taste of his own medicine. Screw with his mind then send him home." She rolled her eyes at that suggestion, but didn't say anything else.
It was about a week later on a Friday she called after work and asked if she could go out for a drink. I didn't care; not even sure she had to call and ask. But the real reason for the call became apparent. She asked, "Don't you want to know with who?"
I bit, "Who?"
"That guy who has been chatting me up." Immediately I perked up, but had to play it cool.
Casually I said, "Oh. Where are you going?
"Just a bar by work."
"What time will you be home?"
"Not sure, but it won't be late."
"Okay, I'll see you then. Don't flirt too much," I said coyly. With that we hung up.
I was excited to hear these details. Of course, my mind was racing and I was getting horny, but I was sure it all was probably much adu about nothing. When Angie got home at around 8:00, I was like a puppy following her around asking her about it. Since our daughter was around, she waved me off and told me she'd fill me in later.
Around 10:00 she was standing in our bedroom doorway and asked me if I was coming to bed. I quickly turned off the TV and followed her into the room. It appeared that I was going to be getting laid out of this deal as well because Angie began undressing and getting into bed rather than going through her bedtime routine. My clothes flew off and I climbed into be with her. I immediately began playing with her tits and asked her the details about her evening.
"What do you want to know?"
I had to contain my excitement, but asked, "Well, was he flirting or was he all business?"
"We talked about work some, but, yeah, I guess he was kind of dogging me."
"How so, like physically or verbally or what?"
"Both. He kept telling me how good I looked and how amazing it was to be here with me. Things like that. He would kid around with me a lot. Just playful stuff, I guess. I don't know; hard to remember everything."
I asked, "What about physically?" as my hand made it's way down to her bush and I started running my fingers through her dark brown curlies down to her moistening lips.
"He likes to talk with his hands so he was touching my hand or back or knee all the time."
"Did that bother you?"
It was her turn to play it cool, "Didn't really care for it, but it was harmless so it didn't bother me that much." She added, "Once when I got up to go to the bathroom, I turned around I his eyes were lock on to my ass. Caught him peeking big-time." She seemed very flattered by that.
I slid down between her thighs because I was just dying to eat that beautiful, now sloppy-wet, pussy. Eating her out is one of my favorite things in the whole world and she knows it. It the process I asked, "Anything else?"
She paused. It was a long pause. I was wanting to dive into that bush but had to wait. She finally said, "There is one more thing." Another pause.
"What?!" I asked impatiently.
"He tried to kiss me." Her voice trailed off like she was being super careful telling me that and she was trying to gauge my reaction.
My reaction was I almost came. But I just asked, "How did that happen?" I began kissing and licking her thighs waiting for the details to this story.
"Well, he walked me to my car and he asked if he could have a hug goodnight. I thought 'sure, why not?' ya know. So he hugged me but he didn't let go. So we just kind of hugging for a while then I started to pull back and that's when he turned his head to mine and dropped a kiss on me."
"Did he hit his target?"
"Not really, I was stunned, but I pulled back like, whoa, you know. So, no, he really didn't much and it was kind of awkward so I just said goodnight and got out of there."
I wondered about the accuracy of this by the nervousness in her voice. I wondered if that really did kiss some. Just a feeling I got, but I was so horny at that point that I said, "Anything else because after hearing that, I've just got to eat this pussy."
She laughed and said, "No, that's it. You can do your thing now." And she put her hand on the back of my head and buried me into her sloppy pussy.
We had great sex that night. I'm sure she was thinking about Val, but in a way, so was I. I was imagining him touching her and especially trying to kiss her. It was really hot sex. I knew this experience was going to hold me and my cuckold urges over for quite a while.


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Jul 13, 2018
The next day we went to my daughter's soccer tournament. Great day, sunny, fairly warm, fun with other parents. But midway through the day, Angie was looking at her phone. She would read, then look over at me with a shit-eating grin, then back down to her phone. She definitely had something to say.
"What?" was all I had to ask.
"Nothing," as she continued to read.
"Must be something," I said.
"Well, my little friend must have had a good time last night." She sounded kind of proud of herself.
"How so?"
"Well, he and some friends are going out to the bars tonight and he's having a pre-bar gathering at his place and he wants to know if I wanted to come over." Just hearing that made my pulse race a little. I thought last night was the end of the story, but maybe not. Going to his apartment was a whole different ball game.
I delayed a second, but then asked quite bluntly, "So are you going?"
"Noooo," Angie said emphatically. It kind of surprised me.
I decided to press, "You can if you want. We don't have anything going on tonight." But I masked my real motivation by adding somewhat jokingly, "Just as long as I can get more of what I got last night after you get home."
"I don't think so," Angie said with kind of that skeptical look on her face.
But then she got real quiet. For a couple hours she would only speak when spoken to. It was definitely on her mind. I didn't bring it up; I just let her stew on it.
Finally, she was reading her phone again and told me, "I guess he wants to know if I'm coming or not."
"I thought you said you weren't going."
She shrugged her shoulders and said, "You said you wanted me to." Her tone was like she didn't care to go, but since I wanted her to go then she would consider it. She was trying hard to put this decision on me.
"It's up to you. I can haul the girls around or whatever since we drove separate. We probably won't get done with the awards until after 8 or so." I was my turn to be casual. Deep down inside me I was screaming, "Yes! Please go! Please, please, please!" If she agreed to go this would be like the most cuck-fantasy material I've ever dreamed of.
"I guess I could for a while since we aren't doing anything." She waited for a response from me.
"Yeah, that's fine. This game's almost over anyway." (Please go, please go, please don't change your mind.)
With that, she folded up her lawn chair and said, "Okay, I'm off I guess." It was weird because she was delaying like she wanted me to say something to stop her. I did not. She headed for the parking lot. Right or wrong, I didn't stop her. That was the last time I saw her as my "faithful" wife.

I didn't have to drive girls around because my daughter went home with friends to stay the night with them. Just as well as all I had on my mind was Angie and Val. A lot of thoughts were racing through my head and I was getting a nervous, queasy feeling about it. By the time I got home at 8:30, she was long gone. I saw the shower was wet and I saw she painted her nails as some of her polish was still out. Other than that, there was no sign of her. It was getting to be about 9:00 when I sent her a text, "So how's the party going?"
Being that her phone is never too far from her, she replied fairly quickly, "Good. 3 other ppl here. Guy and girlfriend and another guy." Moments later, "I'm actually doing some shots!"
I later found out that the other two guys were also African and the girlfriend was white. It sounded pretty tame and I was actually glad she was having a good time. She usually doesn't do shots of anything though so I wondered if she was getting drunk and I was going to have to give her a ride home later.
An incident that Angie told me about afterwards that happened during the party was fairly significant. She said the other single guy was flirting with her too and close-talking her and when Val walked into the room he was like "Hey, hey, hey." and kind of pulled Angie away from the other guy and in doing so he had his arm around the front of her and just held her tight to him while they were standing there. He held on to her for quite a while. She told me that it was the first time she felt "possessed" by him. She said she'd never felt more vulnerable than at that point. And it was a good, exciting feeling. She said it was the first time which she thought something might actually happen between them.
About 20 minutes later I got another text: "They're talking about heading to the bars."
"Which one?" I texted back.
Okay, we'll I guess they're leaving his place. It was kind of a relief, believe it or not. I was beginning to think I didn't want any of this to happen which was strange because for 20 years I dreamed of this moment.
I didn't hear anything for a while. I was in a daze. The TV was on and I was sitting in front of it, but I wasn't watching it. All I had on my mind was what Angie was doing. At 10:30 I decided to text again to check up: "How are the bars?"
What I didn't know at that point was that the other 3 people left but she and Val didn't leave. Val told them they'd catch up to them later. He had no intention of catching up to them and his plans for Angie was pretty obvious to everyone at the gathering as well. Angie said when the girl was leaving that she turned to Angie and quietly said, "Have fun." and winked at her. Angie said she knew she was in a situation at that point.
What happened from 9:20 to about 10:30 I had to piece together from what I was told later. Evidently, Angie and Val sat down on the couch and began looking at pictures on her phone. Very casual, until he brushed her hair aside and started kissing her on the neck. She froze and asked him what he was doing. Yet, she didn't stop him. It felt too good. He told her that he was just continuing where they left off last night. He was hitting her erogenous zone as she loves to be kissed on her neck. He turned her chin and kissed her full on the lips and from there the make-out session was on. She said it felt wrong, but at the same time, probably with a combination of alcohol and the rush of the "newness" of the situation, she couldn't help herself. He reclined her back on the couch so she was laying flat and he was positioned above her as they kissed. His hands began roaming her stomach and eventually her tits. She still thought she could control the situation at this point even though she knew it was getting carried away. She was being smothered in kisses and was responding. Val's hand made its way to her exposed knee, under her skirt up to her thigh, and she said he was getting closer and closer to her pussy. That's when she reached down to stop his hand. He relented momentarily, but as they kissed even more his hand worked it's way up to her thigh enough that he could move a finger and touch her pussy. She felt his finger tickling her pussy lips and even up to her clit. He did this for a while and she couldn't resist that and she let go of his wrist to allow him access to her most private part. He seized the opportunity and cupped her panties and offered her the friction she badly needed. Her hips were slightly bucking and she loved his hand manipulating her. Then he reached under the leg band of her panties and made finger-to-pussy contact with her. She jumped a little at the suddenness of it, but the shock was soon replaced with lust as he ran his fingers up and down her slit. Now, knowing how wet she gets even with me, I imagine she was slick as ever given her excitement level of this new experience. She said he broke the kiss and had to comment on her wetness. She was a bit embarrassed but he responded that he loved it. He continued to work her pussy and dipped and finger into her occasionally causing her to buck and moan as she enjoys being finger fucked a lot. She knew she was in big trouble at this point and was going to have a hard time saying no to him even though everything was happening so fast.


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Jul 13, 2018
Given all this was going on without my knowledge, my 10:30 text seemed kind of silly. But when she heard the phone message tone, she told Val and said she had to check her message. He stopped kissing her, but he continued to play with her pussy. Angie told him that she had to call me. He tried to talk her out of it, but she insisted. She got up, got her bearings, and went to the bathroom to talk in private. That's when I reality hit me like a ton of bricks.
I answered, "Hey, how's it going? How's the bars? Which one are you at?"
Angie said, "Well, we didn't go."
"Oh, I thought you were going to the bars."
"The other people did, but we stayed back." Her voice kind of trailed off again so she could read my reaction.
"I bet he's really flirting with you a lot then since you're alone."
"Yeah. Quite a bit.." She wasn't going to offer any details without me asking.
There was a long awkward pause so I asked, "Has he tried to kiss you again?" I didn't know what I wanted to hear.
"Yeah, he did."
"Did he hit his mark this time?"
"Probably a little better than last night." Silence. I didn't know what that meant and I didn't know what to say. All I could picture was those two kissing. Jealousy began welling up. But it was a super sex-charged type of jealousy.
She broke the silence flipping this on my which she is good at, "Well as excited as you got last night when I told you he tried to kiss me I thought it was alright!"
"It's okay. I'm just giving you crap," I said to calm her down. She did have a valid point though.
More silence then she asked, "So you remember when you said that if it turned me on then it turned you on, did you mean all that or was it just talk?"
I went into a diatribe about how that's just me and how I feel and it doesn't mean I don't love her and I've always felt that way because I love how excited she gets and on and on. Then it hit me to ask, "Why, are you turned on or something?"
She said meekly, "Maybe a little."
This was new territory. I wasn't sure how to respond.
I asked, "So I know you guys were making out, but have you touched his cock?"
"Oh, no. Well, not like you're thinking. You know..."
I completed her thought, "Maybe like through his pants or something."
"Yeah, like that a bit."
Then my next question came. "So has he touched your pussy?"
She paused then asked, "What?"
I know she heard me but I asked again more slowly, "Has he touched your pussy?"
Another pause, then she said quietly, "I probably shouldn't have worn this dress."
I heard her, but it was my turn to get clarification, "What?"
She repeated, "I probably shouldn't have worn this dress."
That hit me like a ton of bricks. I noticed I was shaking while talking to her. And sweating. I was so nervous and charged up. But this is something I've dreamed about for years.
After about a 5 second pause, she asked, "So what should we do about this?"
This was the moment of truth for me. Half of me wanted to get her home and half of me wanted her to go all the way with this new man. I think my voice was shaky when I said, "I guess you could come home and we could take care of it like we did last night. Or you could stay out a little later." We both knew what that last statement meant.
She thought for a few seconds then asked, "Would you be mad if I stayed out a little later?"
"No." (Such a simple statement, but there was so much emotion wrapped up in it.)
"Are you sure because you can't take it back later?"
I decided to lighten the mood a bit by adding some sarcasm, "Since you've been drinking, maybe you should stay there and just not drive."
This gave her the out she wanted so she agreed sarcastically back, "Yeah, that's probably the smart decision." She sounded relieved.
I came to grips with her and my decision and added, "But you have to do two things. You have to tell me every detail."
She interrupted, "What if I don't think you want to hear everything?"
"Every detail." I demanded.
"Okay, okay," she consented.
"And," I added, "I want you to turn your phone off after we hang up."
She knew why and she went along with it. We hung up and I changed my mind back and forth about a hundred times in 2 minutes. I tried to call her just to see. I had no idea what I was going to say. It didn't matter; it went directly to voicemail.

As I was pacing the room I got a text about an hour later. It simply said, "Do you mind if I stay overnight?"
Holy shit, yes I minded. I wanted to talk to her now about this. I had to know. I knew she had her phone on waiting for my reply so I called her. She answered on the 4th ring.
"So are you okay," I asked.
"Oh, yeah. Doing fine. Just wanted to see about staying overnight since I've been drinking and all."
"Can you talk now?"
"Mmmmm, not really."
"So he's right there?"
"Yeah." Obviously they were still in bed.
"What do you want to stay overnight for?"
All she said was, "Duh!" And I realized that was a dumb question.
I just asked, "So would it matter at this point if you stayed overnight or not in the scheme of things."
She tried to be compassionate, but was honest, "No, it really wouldn't matter." And with that I knew they consummated their new relationship which there was nothing I could do about now anyway. Honestly, I thought I would be a little more jealous about it than I was. I was actually so happy for her and in a weird way, proud of her for letting herself go sexually.

The aftermath was this...I got about 2 or 3 hours of sleep that night. My guess is Angie got even less as she looked really tired. We hugged for a while without mentioning it. I just let her go to bed and when she woke up I gave her some space until she was ready to talk about it. I had many questions and most she answered as honestly as possible to the best of my knowledge. They had sex 3 different times. Once immediately after she got off the phone with me, once after I agreed she could stay overnight (a marathon sex session that lasted for close to two hours start to finish), and once in the morning after they showered together. I asked her about dick size which she was hesitant to tell me. I don't know why it's important for a guy to know that information, but it just is. She said it was a lot like mine, but maybe a little longer. And they used protection the first time but not the other two times because they only had one rubber. She said it was an amazing experience. Whether or not it happens again, we shall see.