For Tenn Bear’s 30th Birthday Party

Grizzly Guy

Jul 30, 2018
I met my first wife while in college. She was a petite brunette with nice perky tits and she loved to suck cock, and Homer loved for her to suck him. She was not a virgin but not over experienced either.
I had my first experience watching another cock sliding in and out of a pussy one night on a double date when we switched partners after our first fuck. I will never forget it and I’m sure it was what infected me with the desire to watch more cocks go where I’ve been before and I still love it even to this day.
After Tenn Bear and I were married we continued to experiment with extra people in our bed especially on special days like Christmas, the Fourth of July, and birthdays.
For Tenn Bear’s 30th birthday we went down to Daytona for the weekend and unknown to her I had arranged to have four other guys come to our hotel room and give her a present she would never forget. Before the night was over she had five cocks shooting in her over and over. The next day she said she was so sour she didn’t even want to go down and enjoy laying out on The World’s Most Famous Beach.
I have a photo I took that night and if I can find it I’ll attach it.