Found out my wife was texting a guy


Jul 26, 2016
California, USA
First off, your wife is super sexy! Any man would be lucky to get to play with her.

Second, this isn’t hotwifing. Your wife is cheating on you. While you may enjoy it, she is doing this behind your back and the only reason you are aware is because you are checking up on her. I agree with the others who suggest you find a way to let your wife know you would be open to her fucking other men. I doubt she is going to come clean and admit her affair, but she might.

Telling her you already know may not go over well. She may be offended if you are checking her texts, even if she knows you are turned on by her play. She may get off on the taboo and not want you to know she plays around. You know her better than we do.

If you and your wife choose to proceed, I would suggest talking openly and setting rules/guidelines that you can both live with. Sounds like you want her to require condoms. My wife started off this way but quickly discovered she hates blowjobs with condoms generally uses condoms outside of oral. There are some great threads on the message boards for other rules you may want to consider. For my wife and I, most rules have gone away over time. She can play alone, which is her preference. She is supposed to share details with me after. She will take photos and videos when possible, but that isn’t always her top priority. My wife also needs to make sure my needs are met. This is key because she plays outside our marriage and I do not. Full disclosure, most of the rules went away because she didn’t follow them anyway. In the end, figure out what works for both of you. For my wife and I, the hard lessons came when we didn’t communicate. I know this turns you on, but you are playing with fire!

Best of luck!!
Since the OP has disappeared, is your wife taking care of your needs now?


Jan 8, 2023
I found out my wife was texting a guy. After digging more into everything I found that he was a truck driver that would stop by once a week at were she works to drop stuff off. I guess he took a liking to her and she liked him too. Over a course of a few months of him showing up and her work and texting. She started sending him nude pics of herself. Here they are:
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