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Apr 22, 2016
We are new to the site and are curious as to if anyone else has been frustrated in finding others to join. It seems certain men are what we are looking for and as time goes by they change. I am starting to lose my motivation to play as it almost makes me feel non sexual and sexy. Any thoughts?
Sep 28, 2016
I'm very sorry your having troubles. I know for most men I've spoken to they just treat a wife as a conquest! When the opposite is true! The wife is the one in control and who gives pleasure or denies it! Don't give up!


Nov 13, 2016
Fairfield, Connecticut
Yes u have many asshole. Or the so called bulls. That have no clue how to talk and respect woman. Damn shame! It makes hard for the real guys, who actually take the time and put in work. Paying attention to details, her likes and dislikes. Things of that nature. Sex starts in the mind. The brain is the biggest sex organ. No matter what your packing below... If you can't stimulate a women's mind. Then your wasting your. That is the right woman of course. Unless she just a porn star that likes the feel of Mack trucks. Last to all couples . If the first reply you get from a guy... Say I would love to fuck your slut wife... Chances are he or the person they are pretending to be are fake as shit. Just do a reverse image search. And you will find your answers.
I hear you. Been in that space for a while because it's really hard to find a QUALITY guy. My wife has no interest in fucking just anybody and we usually talk about the guy together before we decide. Finding a guy who doesn't send a dick pic in his first communication or one who doesn't realize that, even though this turns you on, she is still YOUR woman. I know it can be challenging when you keep fantasizing about it and it turns you on so much, but don't settle. The experience won't be what either of you wants.


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Dec 30, 2016
Some of it is down to luck but you have to choosy when selecting prospective partners. I could have had a different cock every night when we were active if I had simply let every guy who contacted us fuck me. You have to have some sort of connection if you are going to enjoy any experience. Even when we went dogging or to a party we turned down plenty of guys who didn't match up.