Full swap with friends

Aug 16, 2021
My preference is for my wife to fuck others, which she does, just not very often. Before she did, she told me many times that it would "never happen" which is what what she says about my other fantasy, so there is hope, albeit minimal.

My dream scenario would be to be having dinner and drinks at the home of another couple, perhaps swimming or hot rubbing involved to help set the scene.

Lots of flirting, which grows increasingly bold, and leading to a bit of grab-ass, slow dancing, etc. The women would feel our erections against them as we dance, and everyone feels the electric sexual vibe, but wary of stepping over the line.

At some point in the evening, my wife takes me aside and whispers that the other husband was hard when they were dancing. I tell her "go for it". Her response would be to say no, that she was just telling me because she knew it would excite me. And I tell her she's right, that it does excite me and I'd love it if something happened.

"And what about you? Do you want her as well?" I shrug. "Well, if something happened with you and him, it would be kind of awkward if she and I didn't do something too."

Later, we're invited to join them in the hot tub. I go to change and when I get to the tub, only my wife and the other husband are there, and seated next to each other so I take a place across the tub from them. His wife soon joins us, seated next to me. More drinks and flirting. And in time, both men have an arm draped around the wife next to them. The women casually let their hands rest on the men's thighs. It's getting hot. I'm nervous. And feeling the buzz from the booze

I suggest we play Truth or Dare. Silly, but it seems like a safe way to test the water and see if everyone goes along. They do.

After a couple of rounds of Truth, with risque questions being asked, the other wife challenges mine with a dare, that she remove the swimsuit of one of the men. Nervous laughter and giggling and prodding for her to not chicken out.

She looks at me nervously for approval which I give with an eager nod and a lusty smile. Finally she moves her hands under the water and although it is dark, I know she's grabbed his dick, because she says "Oh ho HO" which is an exclamation she often makes upon discovering my hardon.

She plays with it nervouslhy for a while, then tells him he'll have to stand for her to be able to remove his shorts. As he does so, the other wife reaches over to confirm my erection and slides a hand inside.

My wife pulls his shorts down and gives another "oh ho HO" as she nervously takes his dick in her hand, looking over at us to check our reactions. Then returns her attention to his dick, playing with it in her hands. When he gently pushes her head towards it, she doesn't resist and immediately begins to suck him as we watch.

I tell the other wife to wait just a moment, then move over to unfasten my wife's top and remove it. Seeing me do this, his wife also comes over and helps my wife out of her bottom, clearly communicating that everyone is ok with what is happening.

As he sits back down in the water, the other wife and I hurriedly take off our suits, and we're all naked in the tub. The other wife plays with my dick and I finger her, but nothing more.

I whisper to the wife, "I want to just watch them first, is that ok?" "Yes!" she says. "Good! I want that too!"

We fondle each other as we watch my wife straddle him and he sucks on her tits for a while. Then I see her move up and I can tell from their awkward movements that they are trying to get it inside her. Then I hear her say "There! That's it!" And then "ohhhhh" as he slides into her.

The other wife slides over to them and starts to play with her husband's balls as he fucks my wife's cunt. As she does, I move to start fucking the other wife from behind.

My fantasy from there is that our friendship evolves into a somewhat polyamorous scenario. With us maintaining our primary relationships, but getting together regularly, traveling together. My favorite part will always be my wife getting fucked. I think I would love lying on my back with the other wife quietly riding me or even just holding still with my cock inside her as we listen to our spouses fuck in the next bed or bedroom.

In that scenario, it would be so hard but to cum though, listening to the slap slap slap of him bottoming out in my wife's cunt, her groans, and then his grunting as he empties into her. Mmmm...eating fresh creampie after would be amazing too.
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