Gfs first experiences


Dec 23, 2016
A little about us we met online, I was her first bf and sex. She's a goodie good type, homeschooled, pretty naive and trusts everyone and is nice to anyone.

She's booksmart but does not understand the streets. Dorky type etc lol.

But yeah we moved here to take care of her grandma and her family decided to fly her closer to her so we stayed and live in the apartment.

We live in a pretty black area and she's never really lived around blacks. Needless to say she gets a lot of attention from them.

But yeah the short version of the first two is these guys near our place would talk to her every time she took walks to this park and they eventually got her to cheat and give them head. This lead to other things as well.

But yeah so I find out she sucked these guys off and naturally I'm pissed. She came home and I immediately knew something was off. She's a terrible liar and she tells me what happened.

Naturally I got pissed and went off. Kept thinking about it though and the thoughts of her with the guys was the strongest turn on I ever had. So we talk about it some more and I ask if she liked it and she told me all the details.

She would go to park and sit at these benches they introduced themselves and got to work flirting with her. They met up there several times.

They occasionally grab her ass and get touchy and she would jump back and got uncomfortable. Being the pushover she is she wouldn't yell at them or say anything because it's not in her nature.

So I told her how I felt and that if it was possible would she want more to happen if we both talked them into fucking her while I watched

So like I was saying, we decide to meet up with them and I tell the main guy our idea. He thinks I'm joking at first and tells me he's definitely in.

We meet near the park by this old unused building next to a junk yard. Was kind of a hang out for them. It's 3 dudes. All of pretty tall, one is bulky and stocky the other two about the same. They were pretty chill at first but they got to work fast and barked at her to get on her knees and suck what they give her to suck.

She does what she's told and they circle her and dropped their pants and pull out their dicks. These dicks were fucking huge. Like I already knew it wasn't going to go well for her.

You could tell she was nervous and horny at the same time. She went slow at first and they got rough with her and pushed her head and bobbed it back and forth. She gagged and had to stop and they told her to keep sucking like a good little white slut.

This went on for about 10 minutes as they took turns with her mouth and the main guy told her to get up and lean against the wall.

She was wearing a dress with no panties and heels pretty much like this pic

And bent her over and started spitting down on her pussy and started to work his dick in. He barely pushed the tip in and she let out a high pitched yelp and tried to squirm away but he grabbed her and held her back in place

He keeps trying to get it in but she's so tight and he get pissed and jams it in and she yells out. He smacks her ass and Keeps at it until he gets a little more in each time. He starts pumping a little faster and tells her he's gonna break her in even harder if she tries to wiggle out.

Well she can't take the pain and says she wants to stop. He wouldn't let go at first but he finally did and she sits down and tells me she's sorry for backing out and that she's not ready to do it.

The guy gets so pissed and calls her a little dick tease slut and that all this shit. We leave and call it a day. Figured we burned that bridge. We talk about it after the fact and she says she was incredibly aroused but it hurt so bad.

Decided to wait a while and I talk to the guy again by myself explain what happened and he says he's not gonna waste his time again.

Says if we want to meet up again, he makes the rules and there's no backing out. Tells me how he wants her to dress and says he's bringing more guys and that they were going to run a train on her.

Tell her about it and she agrees to try again. We meet up at the same place and the guy is there with his two friends but two new guys were there too.

They are sitting on this old couch and some on these foldout chairs. They light up a blunt and told her to take a hit. She's never done drugs or even drank once in her life and she asks what it is. Guy tells her it doesn't matter what it is you either smoke it or we are done here.

She puts it in her mouth and takes a hit and coughs pretty hard. The guy tells her to take a bigger hit and hold it in. She does and he keeps telling her to keep doing it until he says to stop.

He tells her to sit on the middle of the couch. He does most of the talking and tells her to bend over his leg and duck his dick. It was so hot how she looked because she was on all fours sucking him good while he was grabbing and smacking her ass super hard. She was wearing something similar to this but minus the jacket and she had a very tight plain white Tshirt with no brah, tight yoga pants no panties and some white heels.

He wasted no time and brought her to these mattresses they stacked on top of each other. They literally rigged it so that there were holes cut for her hands and they fastened ropes around loops at the bottom and around the knees so picture her on all fours dogggystyle on a raised platform where if they stood up they are at level with her. They put a hard foam support piece under her stomach and fixed her in a perfect position.

The main guy gets behind her and starts telling her she shouldn't of come back because she was gonna get fucked harder than she ever will and his friends are gonna breed her out.

Yanks down her pants and jams his dick in a bit and she starts to move and squirm. He goes harder at it until he gets like 4 inches of his dick in and stops for a sec and spits down. He grabs her shoulders and pushes her back towards him and pulls her back pretty hard.

Gets half in and she's wincing and yelping in pain and begs him to stop for a sec. he tells her white ass is his now and thrusts harder.

He finally just gets frustrated and starts jack hammering her from behind until he's gaining momentum and gets most of dick in there.

At this point he in no way holds back. He's smacking her ass hard and pounding the shit out of her and you can see her tight little ass bouncing and jiggling against his chest and he thrusts harder and harder. You could tell he channeled his anger from the last meeting with her and he kept telling her how him and his crew were gonna drain every last drop of cum in her holes.

Her facial expressions started to change from pure pain, to exstacy back to pain and it was like it finally clicked and got into it. He went at her for 20 minutes and let out a loud grunt and held her towards him and dumped his entire load into her. She said please stop before he did it and he ignored her.

One after another they repeated this and pounded her for 2 hours