Groped Wife

Sep 29, 2022
None by me. But I did grope her quite a bit.

I have seen her groped…
In a car: she sat in the back between two guys while I was in the front with another guy. We had given them a ride to a bar after a Halloween party. They were pawing at her tits and bare legs.

At work: she was at a conference and I tagged along. A client asked to meet her at the bar to discuss work. I sat off waiting and watching a game. I looked over and he was deeply between her legs with his hand.

On the dance floor: so many times

At a bar: also many times but I can’t forget the time we went and there was a soccer team partying. She had so many hands on her ass and tits, got kicked out lol.

In a doctor’s office: she got a lift after kids. The surgeon was a wild guy and definitely touched her tits more than needed. Said they were his perfect size and shape. Also would always rub her thighs.

Under a blanket with family and friends around: family friends came over the kids were running all around. It was cold out and the ladies sat in the middle of the long couch under blankets with me and husband on the edges. It was late and we were on a second movie. He got up to get us more drinks and his wife laid down where he was. When he can back she pulled her legs up and he sat between the ladies. It was a scary movie and cold so we all just settled in. My wife was squirming a bit and I moved my hand under the blanket to her leg. Her hand stopped me and I could feel movement. He was fingering her right there. She continued to adjust to give him better access. His wife was now asleep. I don’t know how she got away with it but she put her hand on his to keep it there and pulled back the blanket so I could watch her climax quietly.

On a public beach: a story I’ve shared here before. Short version: bachelor party. All hands on her. Ended up getting fingered by one. Tits licked by another. Later that night two came back and fucked her right there where people could watch.

On a city street: we lived in a downtown area with a good life. After her breast lift heeled she went out and would let anyone feel them or rub them. This always led to the rubber her ass or more.

Oh and I left off the time she got fingered at the counter of a fucking Waffle House!

It was a crazy few years for sure.
Lots of ladies are fair game for that kind of fun, "let your fingers do the walking" lol.
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Apr 7, 2021
First time I saw her gropped was the first time we went to an adult theater. We were subtly playing and there was an old guy sitting behind us watching. I guess after awhile he just couldn't take it and reached his hand over the seat and down the front of my wife's chest and started rubbing her tits. When she did no say anything I pulled her top down which was kind of a green light, she had hands and cocks rubbing all over her!