Hard finding guys


Jun 1, 2017
Bedfordshire, UK
Obviously I am in the UK, but think that experiences will be relatable.

Trying to meet people online is hard due to fantasists that enjoy thinking about meeting, even arranging to meet, but not actually meeting.

If your to persist looking online then you're going to have to weed out the timewasters. Quick way to do that is a phonecall. Do it at a normal time like Friday a evening. If they're genuine then they'll answer, unlike a married guy that's pretending.

Alternatively you can try a swingers club. am sure that there will be some established ones near you, so look into them.

Don't be scared or embarrassed about going as everyone is there for the second reasons. Also the people that are there are actually genuine.

Only downside to clubs is you might not be attracted to anyone. So always good to check forums/websites to see who's saying there going. You can then arrange to try and hook up.

Once you've got someone then bingo, fun fun fun

Well that's my 2 cents worth, hope it helps


Apr 21, 2016
Bluffton, SC
"Where's the best place to look?"

Sites like this. There are numerous. Yes there are lurkers, but there is a lot of real people. Some on-line 'dating' sites that cater to alternative lifestyles, NOT eHarmony or Match.

I am a perfect example, I'd love to have a hotwife and here I am as well as a few other sites but you won't find me on either or those, stay away from main stream dating sites.
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James Stone

I didnt realize just how hard it would be finding guys who are actually into sharing a girl. Ive been on a crazy hunt for a few months now..

We could work, but perhaps you could supply more info. Most importantly, your location. Mine in near San Francisco CA.

I am 6' 175 lbs, white mail, non-smoker, not married, no children, highly educated, lean and exquisitely fit and strong.

Once had a wonderful "cuckold" experience with my long term girlfriend. However, I am not what is usually regarded as a "cuckold" (and so I'm not really comfortable with that title) as I am not submissive, not under-endowed and didn't consider her being with other men of both our choosing to be in any way humiliating to me or her.

My thrill was the chance to observe her sexual ecstasy, of hear about it from her, in an other setting on occasion, another man, and that was wonderful. It made our union stronger, as it gave me more admiration for her in doing this for her pleasure and mine, and she was pleased to know I loved this because I loved the full power of the female eroticism.

That's enough on me. If you care to correspond further we could do that on this site, or directly at my e-mail eliasgreen424 @ hotmail.com.

Otherwise, best wishes for your search.