Have any husbands experienced this?


Jul 16, 2017
N.E. Ohio
Sure. Tell him he's living in a fantasy. He needs to reconnect with the excitment he formerly found in his partner. Probably not "normal", but whatever.
Feb 20, 2017
I "have a friend" that can't seem to get aroused UNLESS he thinks about his wife fucking other men? "My friend" wants to know if this is normal? Any advice you might have for "my friend"?
Speaking for myself, imagining the wife fucking other guys is an incredible source of arousal;but by no means the only one. The "wife fucking other guys" is particularly hot for me because of her shy nature. That's just me.
Jun 10, 2017
Midwest USA
TSoul I was going to PM you with what I'm about to tell you but since your question is for a friend I'll post it here in case other friends of the community maybe interested.

Most everyone has their kinks and some live them while others choose to suppress or ignore their kink urges.

In the case of Hotwife, Cuckold/Stag relationship it takes at less three willing people to include and outsider of a relationship. The majority of the time only one person of the couple has the desire and willingness. Basically getting both to willingly participate is very high odds. Unfortunate, sad but true.

My advice to your friend that maybe help him through as an alternative that both in the couple relationship may be willing to try is Male Chastity. It that scenario it only takes two with no outsiders involved.

Male Chastity gives the female control which Stag types like for the female to be in control. She can have the key and decide when her lover is to have release. The Male gets the feeling of being a bit out of control and longing for release, he will accept the females desires to be pleased on her terms. If done right once the male is released and brought to erection he is normally extremely sensitive to the touch and has a mind blowing orgasm when allowed.

The female can find online things to say to the male while in chastity to drive him wild. The male can wear it for a few hours over dinner or days leading up to a night of enjoyment. One such example the guy puts it on a Thursday evening, wife calls through the day to tease him then on Friday evening the wife lets him out talks dirty to him and stokes him a few times then orders him back in Chastity. Saturday evening comes and the male pleases his wife anxiously but still in Chastity. When she is ready she'll release him and by her choice on how to let him cum he'll perform and shot an extremely powerful cum stream like he has never had.

Their are lots of information on the subject and like all lifestyles many tend to over exaggerate to one up and pretend it to be a lot more than normal locked up chastity males experience. Most wear it for a few hours to a couple or three days. Beyond that it goes to a different level.

This keeps it in house and sometimes leads to other things but those other things are bonuses so enjoy the journey of what you have now.

Lots of good and misleading information on it much makes it like torture but the vast majority of people who include Chastity in thier love making know how beautiful and wonderful it can be.

Hope that helps your friend in some way if he is looking for an alternative.
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