Aug 14, 2021
I'll never forget the one time I was able to be with two wives at the same time, and it was definitely something special. I remember seeing an ad about a hotwife wanting a BBC and wanting someone with youth and stamina, things which perfectly described me and so I replied to the ad. The married couple were middle aged, with the wife being 45 at the time, and they were great people based on the conversations we had via text and phone calls. We met at a hotel bar and chopped it up for a bit, and I remember being enamored with how smokin' hot the wife was and I almost couldn't control myself. Blonde hair, big perky breasts, her nice thick thighs in her tight red dress, sexy legs, and wearing red pumps that made her ankles look even sexy. When she stood up and I shook her hand, I remember seeing her butt and it was a bubble like no other, and she was of course beautiful in the face. We had a few drinks, then they suggested we go up to the room and get ready for what was about to happen.

Once we get to the room, her and I sit on the bed while her husband got some champagne to celebrate (what I don't know). As we drink on the champagne, her and I get a bit frisky and touchy with each other and start making out but then there's a knock on the door and she springs up to go open it, and in walks this other women who I could only describe as magnetic. She had to be in her late 30s, brunette, nice black dress, wearing black heels with her toes out, and had such a nice slim body with smooth legs to match. The wife said "This is my friend _____ and she's also married. She and her husband have an open marriage, so it's totally fine to have fun with her tonight." To say I was caught off guard doesn't even cut it, but I got even more horny than I was before and knew it was about to get REAL. She walked up and we didn't even shake hands and instantly started making out, as the other wife watched and eventually joined in and it led to them making out with one another.

The husband sets up the camera, which we agreed upon ahead of time, and the three of us got on the bed and started getting undressed. That's when they pulled by BBC out of my pants and pulled my pants off, and they BOTH started sucking on it at the same time with one sucking my cock and the other one working on my balls. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and my toes curled because the blonde wife was going to town, gagging and spitting on it, and to he other was rubbing my balls while sucking on them, and it was hard not to cum but I held strong. That's when I ate out the blonde wife while she ate out the brunette and then they switched positions, and then I sucked on the blonde wife's huge breasts with those sexy nipples. That's when we got to the part that matters the most.

I wanted to fuck the brunette wife first and so she got in doggy and I put my BBC inside of her (no protection) and she was SO tight. We both let out audible gasps because we clearly both felt good to the other and it went from gentle pumps to me pounding her as I pulled her hair, with the blonde wife making out with her and sucking on her breasts and then making out with me. That's when I told the blonde wife to lay on her back and I fucked her I missionary with her legs spread WIDE, and I sucked on her toes while doing so because I have a bit of a foot fetish and the brunette wife rode the blonde wife's face as I was pounding her. After that, the brunette wife laid on her back as I started to fuck her in missionary and she pulled me in close and wrapped her legs around me, kissing me and licking on my ear and saying how much she loved my BBC inside of her. The blonde wife was kissing her and me, and then she began eating the brunette wife out again as I ate her ass from the back, that which she didn't expect me to do but I didn't care. Then, I picked up the blonde wife and fucked her while carrying her, her arms wrapped around me and moaning very loud while the brunette wife said "Her toes are curling." I did the same with the other wife, and she didn't want to let me go because it was so good to her, and we finished in the Amazon position which both absolutely LOVED. I remember getting ready to cum and both of them getting on their knees ready to take my cum on their face, and when I did I EXPLODED and there was pure joy on both of their faces.

We got finished, went to take a shower, and the fun continued there. After that, we got dressed and before we left the hotel they both made out with me and said we should do this again sometime. However, the brunette wife gave me her number and said to call her if I ever wanted to be one-on-one with her, something thay definitely happened. Overall, it was a night I'll never forget.