Hello! I am new here!


Apr 24, 2016
Hello! I am Matteo and I'm 34. I am italian and I have sign myself here for two simple reasons:
- the first: my english is very bad...It is a problem that I want resolve and, in my opinion, to write here about my life and my dream could be helpful...so, I hope you'll be patients with me!
- the second reason is about my wife and I would like to talk about her to you ( and maybe have some advice from you about how to transform her from a tipically italian wife to a hot wife! )

I think nobody want to know how I am physically or what I do in my life...so I'll try to introduce my wife:

Her name is Francesca, she is 34 and she is (in my opinion) a pretty woman...Let me to explain. I think there are four types of woman:
1) ugly
2) nice
3) pretty (with so much unvoiced potential)
4) sexy

She is "pretty" because she has many features that could be help her to become sexy...but she don't valorizes.
She is tall 1 meter and 67 centimeters and she is about 56 kg...her body is soft - she isn't very sports - but all in her body is armonic. She has smooth dark hair, dark eyes with little green shades and her skin is light, not a typical mediterran dark skin. She has very beautyful long legs...and, in my opinion, a nice ass...soft, with hips a little plentiful...but very nice in many positions. She has little tits, but I like it so much...and She has a wonderful mouth...very large, hot and soft.

So...If you want to talk with me, ask something...you're welcome!!!

Bye bye, thanks!!!!