Help boost my wife's self esteem.

Jun 14, 2018
My wife has reached that point in her life that she don't feel sexy anymore. She is free about showing her tits, but just don't feel sexy. I try and tell her how hot she is but well, you know after 35 years of marriage my comments just don't cut it. Since she in now 57 and after 2 children and a few extra pounds she needs a little verbal reassurance she is still hot. This pic is only a year old, but one of my fav of her.

Jun 27, 2016
She is super sexy! Love her body! I’d hurry my cock as deep in to her as I could and I wouldn’t pull out until she had a few of my loads in her.

Btw the few extra pounds is what really makes her sexy. She looks like a lot of fun.
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