Her Idea of MFM 3somes


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Mar 22, 2016
I've been convincing my wife for add another cock to join with us for long but she was always seen to unsure about it until lately I told my wife that I showed her nudes & sex pics to my out of town new friend but haven't introduce him to my wife just yet & worry to dead if she got upset to find out.It's totally surprise me that she was on the other hand didn't even get mad but her reaction was shock at first then started to ask how my friend's respond about her sex body when he saw her sex pics later when we went to bed.I asked her what would be her reaction if she finally meet him in person,she reply she'll act like nothing happen & if he brought up to us about those pics she'll consider may let him see her nudes in reality then see it from there.I think we're up for game & no doubt she was ready for another cock to join with me..She'll go for it as long as she feel safe & comfortable.She also asked if he was clean of STD & that leave an option she'll let him go for bareback since she fixed..So I put forward a little more by asking if she let him join with if he'll show up she finally agrees to let him in.
Jan 10, 2019
N.orange county californi
Real is something make us both nervous,not to mention he didn't know about her willingness of taking his cock.
All of you will love it remember not to make the following mistakes she is only . To act as a filthy whore. Not as a friend or as a polite hostess not as a chit chat buddy and after this he is have no communication whatsoever with her the videos will also help you in getting her to bring a female to share you
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