Her second time

Oct 25, 2016
Wife's second time .

As with her first lover, my wife found her 2nd through her date site.
He was ex army , and a body that I'd never have the motivation to achieve!
She spent months talking to him, and we all got to know eachother inside out.
He had just come out of a long marriage, and just wanted to try something new.
This time, I arranged to take her to him, and upon arrival, I had my usual chat with him to ease the situation .
We sat for a while, they kissed a little, then I went out for a smoke ( wife didn't want me there when she went upstairs).
I returned to the living room, and there I was, sitting on another mans sofa, watching his TV, and playing with his dog, whilst trying to work out where above my head was his bedroom, until after a little while, coming from the ceiling in the far corner of the room.. ' knock knock knock knock'....
I walked over and looked up, knowing I was right under his bed, in another mans house , standing there whilst he was fucking my wife in his bed, just feet above me..
I went outside for a smoke, standing in his garden , and looking up to his bedroom window, whilst she was in there getting fucked.
It wasn't the greatest of events, as we spoke later, and he told me that nerves got the better of him , and he didn't even get to cum in her, but the 30miles home still gave us plenty to talk about, and there is a part two, which I will post shortly.
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