Home Entertainment System -30 Day Lease

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    Now, That's Entertainment! This used Home Entertainment System comes 'AS IS' at a very affordable price.
    Simply pay for S&H, processing fees, (plus a minimum 8" deposit required) and she'll be delivered to you for 'No Money Down'! Only 30 easy payments billed weekly lets you can take this equipment home for 30 days, to enjoy with friends, neighbors, and perhaps relatives (if you like them that much). If you're not completely satisfied with the performance and function, simply return at any time within the 30 days. This IS NOT a 'rent to own' offer - you gots ta bring da bitch back in the same condition as delivered (like renting a car, dummy). Either way, you've gotta pay - or we send our representatives, Bruno & Baxter, to provide any assistance you may need in coughing up the dough.

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