How it all began.


Nov 25, 2017
Jenny and I have been talking about sharing her for a while. In the beginning she was confused and wanted NO PARTS of it. I stayed patient. I’d bring it up here and there when she was horny and during sex. With time, Jenny began to enjoy the fantasy. We bought toys and would dirty talk some. Fast forward a few months of dirty talk and you play. She’s been getting pretty confident in herself and enjoying the dirty talk and toys. She had a few dreams where she was fucking another guy and I think that’s when she really turned into really being ready and wanting to make it finally happen. So there was this guy, James, she used to like back when her and I first met. Nothing really happened between them and I pretty much scooped her up. Fast forward to maybe a couple of weeks before i started the forum on here. They added each other on Instagram. He messaged her saying “hey long time no see, what’s up blah blah.” They exchanged numbers. They’d text about what they were up to nowadays and work and such. Over some time I think he initiated a little flirting with her. And she flirted back a bit. And then it became a constant where they’d text often. So some time passes and we headed out for a friends birthday. We did dinner and went out to a bar. And what a coincidence. Who was there? James. He approached Jenny and said “hey” gave her a hug and shook my hand. He was a pretty cool guy from talking to him that night. So as the night went on people would leave and eventually it was us 3 and just other people from the bar. All of our friends left and we pretty much stayed. We were feeling pretty decent. James and Jenny were laughing and talking a lot. I told them I was heading to the bathroom. I Walked back and just stood by the bathroom and watched them for a sec. they just talked and laughed the entire time. I would see him get close to her and whisper something. She’d give him a friendly punch to the chest or shoulder and he’d laugh. Nothing too serious from what I took. So I went back. Then he went to the bathroom. She looked at me with a smirk. A little red in the face. Definitely blushing a little. So I smiled and just told her “hey. It’s whatever you want to do.” She smiled hard and nodded her head up and down gently and slowly. She was pretty nervous and I was too. But I wanted it. And she did too. James came back. I mentioned we’re heading back. And told him to come tag along. He said he was gonna head on home too, but Jenny grabbed his hand and said “noooo, don’t be a bitch. I haven’t seen you in forever. Come over for a little.” He laughs and says “you sure?” I told him “yea come on over.” So we drive back to our place. They continue from the bar. She gets a little more touchy and James seemed kinda hesitant because I was there. After some time I said to myself. Fuck it. Neither of them are making the move and told him “she’s all yours.” He was confused. Not sure what was going on. So Jenny told him what the deal was. He still seemed a little concerned. So I told them to go up stairs and I’ll be in soon. Jenny explained to him all the details and I guess he couldn’t resist so. After maybe 15-20 mins I make my way up there. The tv is on. Volume is low. But loud enough that you Couldn't hear them. I open the door slowly and see him over top of her. Her tits in his hands and mouth. And the rest is history from there on. I’ve never been so god damn hard and turned on in my life. Hearing her moaning. Watching her being felt up. Touched all over. Watching her wanting it. Watching how wet she was. Watching her ride him and his hands on her and hearing the bed squeak. That was fucking magic. It was amazing. My heart was racing. I was shaking a little. But god it was perfection. They would hookup a good bit more in which I watched always. Any more question just message me or Kik me at Lust4her2. 22AE9E30-5FA7-4E00-8157-A8764320BEB7.jpeg3A891D14-834F-44AF-8C47-9BE2E5D69931.jpeg85CEA5E9-1A53-4AA2-A24F-FCDFC74E1DEC.jpeg