how it all happened


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May 27, 2018
How do i start. Me and my now wife met in 2007. I was still at uni. The first night i met her I was warned about her reputation of being a slut but that didn't bother me. I've always had a thing about bad girls. I had never had one cheat on me before but I liked dating girls who came with a reputation. She is blonde, 5"7, size 12 and 34F breasts.

Guys have always gave her attention which I enjoyed because i knew she was mine. Whenever she went out with her friends she would always make sure she looked the sluttiest even though she was taken. I didn't encourage her but when she asked me if something was too revealing I always said if she felt comfortably that's all that mattered. As far as I'm aware she never cheated.

Fast forward a couple of years and we were engaged to get married. Both our stag and hen do's were coming around. I had my stag do first. It was your usual stuff and i stayed faithful although I did go to a fantastic strip bar and had tits in my face all night.

Whilst on her hen do I got a phone call from my wife after the 2nd night. She was excited and nervous at the same time I could tell this by the trembling in her voice. She said "hey babe I've got something to tell you" I said "what?". "Well, i'm having a great time and last night was so was a cockfest, we had guys on tap". I laughed and said bet you're all getting loads of attention. She then said "I've got something really serious to tell you though....the girls are with me , do you want me to go somewhere private?" I just said "don't be silly baby just tell me". she then went on to say "well I blew this guy off and then he took me to his apartment and fucked me silly" all I could hear was giggling in the background. I paused, it was a long pause and then I said "good girl you must be having a great time". I just got a thank you babes and was hung up on.

I realised at this point I had been cucked by my wife to be and it felt really good. I wanked myself silly until she returned. I got all the details and we fucked like crazy for weeks after. I told my wife how much I enjoyed what she done to me and she has been at it since.