How my ex used to cuckold me!!!


Sep 28, 2022
This is how I got hooked on cuckold... My ex cheated on me with my friend, but I lived with her at the time, and she told me straight up she wasn't going to stop fucking him whenever I went to work! I found out by getting into her phone and seeing very short but crude messages constantly from this friend of mine. He would jus t be like hey wanna suck my cock right now? She would be very simple back like with a lot of 🥰 💕 and I'm on my way! He treated her like a real slut but for some reason she jus thought he was way hotter, and better than me. but she said she still really loved me... So I let it happen at first, then after a little bit I started enjoying it... I even talked to my friend about her he was like "ya she's ok I guess, but she is a sexy lil whore for me" he'd say that in front of my other friends that knew he was nailing her too! He told me to make sure I only fuck her after he's done with her, and made it clear that she will swallow every time unless if he nuts in her face! I was getting so turned on by the humiliation I asked him if I could join or jus watch, he said hell no and called me a fag, saying I know you kiss your bitch after I cum on her lips and mouth! And I did, it was true, it was so sexy to me that she would submit to him! So by then, she was cuckolding me all the time!

But The next guy my ex gf cuckold me with, Me and my best friend who was black we're hanging out one night smoking weed and for whatever reason it made her really rewarding as it was her first time smoking. We were all watching a movie while meeting her cuddle up while I was fingering her... She knew I had a cuckold fetish, and out of nowhere she said quietly to me she wanted to suck on my friends cock... I made her repeat it out loud and my friend looked at me asked if I was sure, I told him yes he lowered his pants and got into bed with us... She started out by stroking us over and then her head went under I made her choke on his cock by holding her head thrusting it up and down as she jacked me off... In no time he got behind her with no condom on no birth control nothing and started fucking her hard... She would suck on me then we would switch but I couldn't fuck her great because I was so turned on at the time so I let my friend fuck her much longer and harder... Later to find out he was also fucking her asshole which I didn't know at the time she never let me do that... When he was about to come he asked me where he could go at and I said her face so he pulled out as she opened her mouth and blasted all over her face... I instantly came on the other side of her face afterwards... After the smoke break we both went back downstairs to my bedroom, she didn't smoke, and she was tired so she had moved at all yet, I don't even think she wiped off her face at all, if she did, I'd always tell her to rub there cum in, instead of wiping it off... I started making out with her with my tongue cleaning and tasting the nut he left on her face... I was just so turned on still that this BBC did all of that to her... I did all of this right in front of him!

So after that with my black friend of mine, he was my BEST friend at the time, we hung out all the time. So like a couple days later he hits me up saying he's got some friends over and some drinks some weed, and he wants me to meet them... So I go over there by myself, my gf dropped me off so they all seen her, and there must've been 4 or 5 thugs there... Instantly when I got inside the porch they were all smiling smirking and kinda giggling under there breath, trying to check out my hot little white gf... One guy says before I even introduce myself "is this that white boy and his bitch u was talking about you fucked?" I instantly turn beat red tryna ignore them, like he didn't jus say that... But as the night went on they each start asking me about my gf, oh she's kinda hot, or I heard she can suck a good dick, and that her pussy is tight etc... Turns out he told them everything. Even the part of me kissing her after she sucked his dick and after he came on her face. I was so humiliated but turned the fuck on at the same time! They kept talking to me like "I heard your White girl likes this BBC!" Every time I would jus look down avoid eye contact and act like I didn't hear them. It would make my dick twitch every time though!!!

Another time I had a good friend of mine who had a real BBC as well, he heard about all of this fucking and sucking with my white gf. One time when I was eating her out she told me she wanted to fuck him. so I went ahead and asked him if he would please fuck my gf too! So I had a different roommate at the time and we had a few white friends over playing video games... So my gf was the only girl there, and my black friend showed up sort of unannounced, walked right into my living room, grabbed my gfs hand and took her into MY bedroom!!! Everyone obviously witnessed this, and if not then they definitely heard his BBC slamming in and out of her, not just the bed rocking, but you could actually here the sex slapping noise of a huge raw BBC killing my white gfs pussy! Everyone giving me blank looks while I'm jus acting like nothings goin on. My superior black friend then walks out into the living room as she heads into the bathroom. He then shakes my hand and leaves, as my gf goes back into the bedroom shortly after. Come to find out he came down her throat, so I kissed her very deeply before she left! Ahhh the taste of leftover superior black cum...

Another time, she started this factory job and her supervisor, she told me she was attracted too... I ate her out right away so she would be more encouraged to pursue him. I made her ask for his # the next day, and that night I again ate her pussy real good as I made her text him this time. I made her be real blunt with him, she was so horny then I was like get your phone out and say hi to him. Then I told her to tell him how hot she thinks he is and she did. Only a few texts in I told her to tell him she wanted to fuck him. He was so degrading to her I loved it. He said she would have to earn the right to fuck him, but she could start by blowing him 1st. So after work the next night she was planning on going to his place to blow him. When she went to his house after work, he made her strip buck naked get on all fours and crawl to his cock, and made her beg to just suck his cock lol... He made her put her hands behind her back as he fucked her face and slapped her face with his cock... As soon as he came down her throat he made HER thank HIM!!! 🔥 This went on for a few weeks at least until she said he was telling everyone around her job that he fucked my chick. She ended up giving one of his friends a BJ once too as he pretty much made her do it...

But the best experiences with her was when she fucked one of my friends who had a real foot long 12" cock! I remember he made her suck his dick only after he forced her to beg for it... The 1st half dozen times she would go over there, blow him, swallow and leave. She would tell me how his friends would be over and she would jus walk past them to his bedroom blow his huge cock for about 20 minutes, swallow and just leave coming home to me! He would finger her and she was telling me how he would force more and more fingers into her, and humiliating so, he would tell her to tell me things, like get her a really large dildo and use it on her, he also would tell her to tell me that I can only fuck her after he's done with her but I must eat her out first. He would tell her to point out exactly where he would nut at to me so I can lick it clean. She told him that I like to do it, and she would rub in his cum into her body instead of ever wiping it...

After those 5 or 6 times he finally fucked her. I'll never forget how tired she was and how gaping bright red her pussy was after what he'd do to her. I had to eat her out so gently as it was too sore for insertion. She fell asleep while I was gently kissing her pussy lips that were jus wrapped around this enourmous, huge, cock of a person who is a complete asshole and she didn't even care. After that fucking, it took a week for her to heal then before I knew it, she was fucking him 2-3 times a week. Every time she would go there (lots of times he had friends over) he would take her straight to his bedroom, order her on her knees, face fuck her until she swallows, then he'd fuck her with a condom on. But he usually would take it off to cum on her or in her mouth. He'd always make smart ass comments about how I can clean her up after he's done, how I can't fuck her for a few days cuz of how sore she'd be... I knew he was telling everyone else that shit too! People we both hung out with at the time! I loved all of it tho, it was all a huge turn on my!

It was crazy after she was with this guy, I mean he would fuck her at least an hour straight with out stopping! And he was fucking enormous! Everytime after that 1st time she got fuvked, I'd put my dick inside her and she wouldn't even feel me, I could feel how badly he worked out her pussy... It would make me cum so fast imagining her getting pounded by this stuck up asshole as he's telling everyone about banging my gf! But we were both addicted to his huge 12" cock! She was literally fucking him all the time, while I could only fuck her very lightly and quickly afterwards because she would be so sore. She would be fucked so thorough that she'd always have bloodshot eyes, and always had to fall asleep after fucking his huge cock. I'd literally be fucking her carefully while she would jus fall asleep on me... So I would jus go back to licking her whole body wherever his huge cock, balls, and cum touched her at. Then I'd have to jerk off on her feet or something so she wouldn't get mad... I never did, but I always wanted to thank him for treating her so good. He would of laughed in my face tho lol