I’m ready to Bull and replace the BBC


Sep 5, 2021
Hi all, I hope this group is good. I’m divorced single happy. I’m 52 so thankfully most of my dating life was before the Internet.

i’m the worst writer on the Internet but one of the best communicators in person.

So. I went from having the most important skills to get the most girls since I was 18-
Having never written my own term paper-

to getting divorced in a world where now everyone’s social life is by themselves talking into the phone-

I went from the best of the worst-

and although I got the most girls I never gave a shit about satisfying them back it before I was married..

Now I’m actually very good in bed but everyone’s lapped me - all of a sudden everyone’s a fucking porn star guys are having their wives fuck everyone-

guys want to blow me every time I’m streaming.

So it’s a pandemic loneliness technology I’m finally ready dying to cuckold someone’s wife and being 100% straight it’ll be a big deal3148E57C-3089-4D41-B0BE-E090F83161B8.jpeg


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