I Cheated


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Apr 25, 2015
Story is long, and I apologize for that, but It’s about cheating on my hubby years ago.

Ironically, even my hubby likes this story now. Little did I know, hubby knew it was going on and let me continue to have my affair. If you manage to read this to the end, you will understand.

Hubby actually assisted me in writing this. He coached me on adding some details that he knows guys would like.

During that time, hubby was gone a lot, as a military pilot, and I was vulnerable. So, I ended up having this affair. I was 24 yrs old at the time. Here is how it happened:

We had just moved to his new duty location and he was about to be deployed right away. We didn’t know very many people yet, other than the realtor that sold us our house.

She (our realtor) invited me over to her house one day for lunch. While having lunch, I told her that we needed to find someone to take care of our yard while hubby was gone. She immediately volunteered her son. I’ll call him Brian. I hadn’t met her son yet, but he had just graduated from high school. She called for him to come downstairs and talk with me about cutting our grass.
He came downstairs wearing just a pair of jeans, no shirt and bare foot. My jaw practically hit the floor. He was built like a Chip & Dales dancer and could have been a male model. Apparently he was the star football player for his high school, too. He jeans were unbuttoned, but zipped up, so they were riding low on his hips. I could almost see the top of his pubic hair and I quickly realized his jeans were probably the only article of clothing he was wearing. I could see the imprint of his hanging cock as well. I figured he had been sitting in his room naked until his mom called for him to come down.

His mom yelled at him to put a shirt on, but he ignored her. I tried to hide my attraction, but it was too late. He knew I had noticed him by my wide eyed stared. I was, simply, caught off guard by his appearance. He came right up to the kitchen table and stood next to me, as his mom basically told him he was going to cut my grass while my husband was gone. I was trying really hard not to stare at his amazing body, but he was only inches away from me. He caught me, more than once, scanning him and he would grin at me.

The next day, he showed up at our house. He and hubby went over the yard and hubby showed him where we kept the mower, gas, etc.

One of the reasons I liked the house was it had a tall wooden fence all the way around the back yard, and no two story houses next to us. I like to sun bathe nude, and none of the neighbor’s windows overlooked the fence.

Within a few more days, hubby was gone. Brian showed up for the first time to cut our grass. He cut the front yard first then, moved to the backyard. I made a pitcher of lemonade and brought him a glass. I stood and talked with him as he took a break and drank his lemonade. He asked if I minded if he removed his shirt to cut the backyard. I told him “no, not at all”. He stared at me as he took his shirt off. I pretended his bare torso was having no effect on me, but in reality, the sweat running down his chest and abs, was incredibly hotter than the first time I saw him.

I really was trying to be a good girl, but it wasn’t easy. Hubby had been gone over a week already, and I’m used to having sex with him every day, more than once a day. He continued to stare at me and grin (no words) as he drank his lemonade. I knew he was silently flirting with me with his stare and the look on his face which is another weakness of mine. I love the strong silent type. The energy was getting too high, so I grinned back at him and said “I’ll be inside, let me know if you need anything.

I went back inside and continued to do dishes, laundry, etc. I would look through the windows, occasionally, to see how Brian was doing and he always caught me, and would grin back at me. Ok, I admit it, seeing his absolutely gorgeous body in motion, doing work, made me very wet.

When he was done, he came in. I poured him another glass of lemonade as he stood there in the kitchen, still shirtless and sweaty. I wrote out a check to pay him as he stood there.

I knew he was seducing me, but I wasn’t doing all that much to make him stop, either. So maybe I was seducing him in a way, too.

He came back the next week, to cut again. Same thing, he cut the front yard first then the back. This time he removed his shirt without asking. I made lemonade and brought him a glass. This time I noticed his jeans were unbuttoned, but zipped, like it was at his house when I met him. I realized he was doing this so his jeans would ride low on his hips. They were riding a little lower this time because I could see the very top of his pubic hair. It was obvious he had on no underwear and I think the only thing holding his jeans up was his cock. I pretended not to notice, but I’m sure he saw me looking. He had a chiseled physique and seeing so much of his beautiful lower abdomen, was very difficult for me to keep my eyes off of. I could feel it making me very wet. I knew he was probably testing my limits with how much he could expose of himself. Plus, the fact that I was showing no objection, was probably like giving him approval.

At this point, hubby had been gone for a little over two weeks. For a girl who was used to having sex every day, I was already starting to feel very lonely. I knew my vulnerability was only going to get worse.

As he was cutting the backyard, He knew I would watch him from inside. He would let his jeans get very low before he would tug them back up. During one of my glances through the window, I could see almost his entire pubic hair patch.

When he was done, he came in again and I poured him another glass of lemonade. He was leaning back against the kitchen island and I was facing him as I leaned against the kitchen counters. As we talked, I could tell he was letting his jeans slip lower and lower. Finally, when I could see almost his entire pubic hair patch, again, I grinned at him and said “I think you are about to lose your jeans”. He grinned back at me and asked “would that bother you”? I wasn’t sure what to say, so I just stood there grinning at him. He took my silence as approval, I guess, so he maneuvered a little and let his jeans fall to the floor. The only thing I could do was just grin at him and stare at his gorgeous cock as I felt my pussy getting wetter. He stared back at me, grinning, as his cock grew to full hard.

I took a deep breath, said “Brian”, and gave him a look that said we really shouldn’t be doing this. He just kept grinning back at me. I knew the next step was mine. The right decision was to tell him to put that thing away. The wrong decision was to go for it. I chose poorly. I grinned at him and asked “can I touch it”? He said “mhuh”. He was pretty big. As I gripped his cock, I could tell he was a little bigger than hubby. Not so much longer than hubby, but thicker. I stroked his cock for a few seconds then, he leaned in and gave me a kiss. Then we started making out as I continued to stroke his rock hard cock. We stopped kissing for a second then I looked at him and said “you do understand that no one can find out about this, right”? He nodded. I slid down his body, kissing his chest and abs on my way to his cock. I slowly slid my mouth down onto his cock. He moaned. He was still a little sweaty, but that seemed to turn me on more.

My hubby always said I was great at sucking his cock (which I did a lot for him) so I intended to give Brian a performance he would want to come back for.

As I sucked his dick, I untied his shoes, took them, his socks and jeans all the way off. I got him totally naked in my kitchen and the thought of that, alone, almost made me have an orgasm. He started breathing heavy, and I started to taste his pre-cum. He told me he was about to cum. I guess he was warning me in case I didn’t want it in my mouth. But, I had made that decision a long time ago, lol. I stopped sucking his dick for a second and told him it was ok for him to cum in my mouth. That seemed to set him off. He immediately blew his warm thick load into my mouth. I held it there for a few seconds as I kept his cock tightly in my mouth. When I knew he was done, I slowly backed off of his cock, and swallowed. He looked at me surprised and asked “did you swallow it”? I smiled back at him and said “yep”. Then he said “wow, I’ve never had a girl swallow my cum”. I knew he had just broken up with his girlfriend and remember wondering “how could she not want to swallow his cum”.

I can’t say cum tastes good, but for me, I love having a guys cum in my mouth then swallowing it down into my stomach. I had every intention of swallowing every drop of Brian’s cum.

I stayed there on my knees as I milked his cock trying to get every drop of his cum that I could. His erection was not going down. I looked up at him and asked “do you think you can go again”? He grinned and said “yeah, I think so”. With that, I stood up, grabbed him by the hand and led him to the bedroom. He helped me take my clothes off. He got on his knees and immediately went for my pussy. I was literally soaking down there. He sucked on my pussy for a few seconds, then he pushed me backwards onto the bed. I laid on my back, spread my legs and offered my entire self to him. I wanted him to take me so bad.

He had obviously sucked on his former girlfriends pussy many times because I could tell this was not his first time. He quickly brought me to orgasm with his tongue. After a few more minutes, he looked up at me and said he had some condoms in his car. I remember thinking, he is not only an amazingly hot, well hung, young guy, but he is considerate too. Nevertheless, I told him he didn’t need one.

Side note: I can’t get pregnant. I learned as a teen, that I don’t produce an egg and have never had a period. Hubby knew this, as well, before we got married.

With that, Brian rose up on me and stabbed his thick hard cock deep into my pussy. I immediately had another orgasm. I held him still, deep inside me as I tried to muffle my scream. Then, he proceeded to fuck me really hard. He just kept going. I grabbed a pillow and would cover my face to muffle my screams, every time I would orgasm.

I have to do this with hubby sometimes too. Some orgasms are so intense for me, it makes me scream.

Brian’s cock felt so good inside of me, that he was giving me multiple orgasms. He just kept going and going. He was fucking me so hard, we ended up sliding off of the bed and onto the floor. He fucked me on the floor for few minutes, then he lifted me back onto the bed and stabbed his cock back into me and fucked me some more. He asked me if I wanted him to pull out before he came. I told him “no, you can cum in me”.

Finally, he came inside of me. My legs were wrapped tightly around his as I pulled him deep inside of me. He finally rolled off of me and we laid in bed, exhausted. I put my head on his chest and caressed his balls and cock as we talked. I chuckled and asked him if I could expect this every time he came over to cut my grass. He smiled at me and said “I’m ok with it if you are”. I told him that if anyone found out, especially his mom, that it would, quickly, come to an end. He agreed.

I couldn’t believe I was fucking my realtor’s son. However, he was an adult and we really weren’t that far apart in age. I also felt the guilt with hubby, too. In my mind, I figured it would be temporary and just while hubby was gone.

Nevertheless, each time Brian would come over and cut my grass, after he was done, he would come in and fuck my brains out. While cutting the back yard, I would watch him without hiding it. He would tease me by letting his jeans fall to his ankles. Once, I dare him to cut my back yard totally naked and he did. He would ask me to bring him some lemonade, totally naked, and I would.

To keep the neighbors from finding out, Brian would cut my grass, then leave. He would drive around the corner, park his car and sneak back to our house through a back yard gate, and in through the back door of our house. He would shower, then we would fuck. Our back yard bordered a church property and the previous owners had put a gate in the fence along that border. Hubby assumed they did that so their kids could go play on the church playground without having to walk around the block.

Hubby came back after a couple of months and resumed the yard work. However, hubby got busy in the squadron and was working very long hours. He asked me if I thought Brian was still available to cut our grass. I asked him if he was deploying again. He said no, but with his long hours and the fact that Brian only charged us $20 he would let him keep cutting our grass. Needless to say, Brian was back cutting our grass and fucking my brains out.

Hubby was very good at telling me when he would be home and he always came home at almost the exact time he said he would. I remember thinking, at the time, that that was a little odd. Little did I know, hubby was aware of the affair I was having.

Fast forward many years. When hubby and I started our new hotwife lifestyle within the last couple of years, I felt like I could finally get my (years ago) affair off of my chest. So, I confessed to having it. Hubby surprised me by confessing that he knew about it. He said, it made him a little jealous, but it turned him on so much that he never said anything and let it continue.

I asked hubby how he found out. He said the first thing he started noticing was that his shampoo and conditioner were getting used up pretty quick. That was true, because when Brian would sneak back into the house and shower, he would just use hubby’s stuff. Then, hubby noticed Brian’s hair and pubic hair in the shower. Hubby has light colored hair and pubic hair and Brian’s was jet black. Then, unbeknownst to me, one of Hubby’s squadron mates actually lived on the other side of the church behind our house and saw Brian sneaking back to our house. He told hubby. Luckily, this friend was of a similar mindset as my hubby.

According to hubby, He and his friend were having a few beers one night and his friend asked him what he was going to do about it. Hubby looked at his friend, chuckled and said “I have to be honest, it kind of turns me on that she is being so naughty”. His friend chuckled back and said “I’d let my wife fuck him, too”. They both laughed and agreed to keep it to themselves.

Hubby said it turned him on so much that he made sure I had plenty of opportunity to fuck Brian as much as I wanted to. He knew I wasn’t going to leave him for Brian and knew I just wanted the raw sex. If he knew Brian was cutting our grass that day, he would tell me he had to work late and wouldn’t be home until 9pm and he never came home before that.

The affair lasted for well over a year. My relationship with Brian was almost purely physical. He eventually met a young girl at the community college he was attending. Hubby got orders which required a move, so that gave me a good excuse to tell Brian it had to end. As it was, I felt that Brian needed to start devoting all of his time to his new girl and school. I was a dead end street for him.

If I may, I did feel like I trained him well, lol. Brian’s skills were already good, but he got really good. In a way, I feel like I handed over a one hell of a man to his new girlfriend.