I think she is startign to enjoy this.

Sep 3, 2017
Central Florida
A few weeks ago, I was eating her while she was on her back and I pushed her legs back and started eating her ass. I actually made her pussy squirt in a orgasm by eating her ass. I then asked if she'd like her new jeweled heavy plug which she I got and I eased into her tight hole. After eating her some more and plug fucking her ass she rolled over onto her knees and told me to fuck her which i did.
It was beautiful watching her cum as I fucked her with that plug in her ass. As her orgasms rippled though her body it cause her to push and pull the plug just along the shaft of it about 3/4 " and she was enjoying it immensely as I continued to slowly fuck her with my 8" of cock.
When I finally filled her pussy up from behind, as I slipped out she turned and smiled and said "I want you to eat my pussy now" So I slid under her and cleaned her up as she looked into my eyes and she came again.

She is enjoying it now :)