I'm close, so very close


Jan 31, 2017
OK, I've made massive steps in my pursuit to turn my wife into a hotwife. She now talks openly about other men (to me anyway) and best of all she does it when she's sober. She's told me she fancies the pants of a fella at work and is now willing to roleplay outside of the bedroom.

She's going out this weekend and said she will flirt if the opportunity comes up and maybe even kiss another man, but she instantly took the kissing part back and said she was joking. She said she'd text me all through the night and keep me updated and over exaggerate her flirting to turn me on.

I asked her if she'd wear sexy undies and she said yes, I'm also thinking of getting her an anklet (as a surprise) which won't be visible as she plans to wear boots. The anklet would be there for my kink only . Good idea?

I'm nearly there aren't I? , I can feel it, maybe another year or so :)

Strange thing is we've never been closer.