Is my wife Hot wife material?


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Sep 15, 2015
Hey guys, just wondering if you think my wife would be up for the hotwife lifestyle. I've been curious about the lifestyle for a while and it really turns me on to think about my wife with another guy. So here is some things about her and you tell me if you think she would be into it

After we got married she needed to get something off of her chest. Before we got engaged while I was out of the country she had sex with her ex boyfriend. At first I was a little upset but after thinking about it, it really turned me on.

Just last night I was on her computer and found pictures of her bachelorette party. Her and her friends were at a bar/club. There were pictures of her grinding on the dance floor with a random guy. There were also pictures of them grabbing each others asses while dancing. I really liked seeing them.

With all of that being said, do you think she would seem like the kind of girl who would be into the hot wife lifestyle. If so how do I bring it up to her?
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well, my thought after being in the HW cuck lifestyle for many years, is that you need to be patient...and gradually encourage her into it. I got my wife into it by telling her how other men look at her when we're out, and how sexy or erotic she looks when dancing with other men and making comments like, I bet he'd like to fuck you. and of course encouragement to dress sexy...shorter skirts, dresses, low cut, stockings, heels, etc. and yes, I think that if she was flirting as you say she was, then the potential is there for her to go further. let her know that you don't mind her being sexy and flirting. and when she does something very sexy with another man, make a comment like, you look so sexy when you did that...good luck. keep us informed? happy to chat if you want
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