Is this the start or the end (part 1)?


Apr 21, 2016
Bluffton, SC
Thursday, 8/30, I asked my wife if Gayle is going to join us for dinner Friday 8/31. (we're going out for pizza and Gayle's husband Jack is away). She's engrossed in reading a book and without any thought blurts out, "no, Gayle has a date." Then she realizes what she just said, stops reading, picks her head up and says "oops". I respond "oops, what do you mean oops?"

There's silence for a moment, then. "Guess I let the cat outta the bag huh?" "Tell me" I ask. "Gayle asked me to keep it to myself, that's gone, but I'm swearing you to secrecy. I mean it if you say a word or even hint at knowing anything you're gonna be in deep shit." I agree. She tells me that Gayle didn't tell her everything and she's not gonna tell me everything. She said Gayle needed a confidant. She said date is code for sex. I asked if she said anything about my desire. She said no. She said Gayle never really goes out on dates but does have sex with men other than her husband Jack. She wouldn't tell me how often and didn't know if Jack was in on it. Of course I said, "Like I want for us." That was like lighting a fuse, and we were off to the races . We went at it tooth and nail AGAIN for what seemed like hours. We ended each in a huff and angry, each disappointed at the others attitudes towards our lousy sex life, blaming the other for it. I reminded her of her constant string of broken promises, she reminded me of our wedding vows of fidelity, I reminded her of the modification to her side of fidelity. We went to bed angry at each AGAIN over sex or lack thereof.

Friday night we went out for pizza and as sarcastically as I could muster I told her "here we are having a lousy pizza pie while Gayle is getting a good fucking. I think we have the short end of the stick". Yes, we were at it AGAIN. This time in the restaurant, as privately as we could each getting louder and louder. She ended it by walking out telling me she'd meet me in the car.

FYI the promise she made numerous times was in response to my desire. I want her to have sex with others, one or more lovers that I can watch her have sex with. Her promise was that won't work but she's open to 3-some, where I'm included, not just a voyeur. But she's given me the 'slow roll' in the past. Some time ago I created an AFF account and started to vet candidates. (That was after many months reviewing the now defunct CL listings) Stupid me, after vetting more than 600 different men over a period of months, I realized the stall. She assured me that wasn't the case. I told her that if she dated 1 of these men each week it would be more than 12 years before she found any acceptable to have sex with, that she was being disingenuous. We even met 2 for a 'meet and greet', but she had said they were not acceptable even before we met them. It was, I believe so she could say 'see I TRIED'.

My original posts are now gone. Short back-story, I've been trying for years to share her. It started as talking and became arguing. CONSTANTLY.

Where is this going anyway you may ask.

Saturday 9/1 evening at dinner I asked if she heard from Gayle, she said she did. I asked how it went, she said Gayle said it was good, real good. I asked for more details, she told me that's all I'm gonna get, I asked if she knew more, she repeated that's all I'm gonna get. I reminded her that could have been her getting a good, real good fucking as well as Gayle. She got pissed and yelled at me to 'fuck off', got up and stormed into the bedroom slamming the door. I'm a shit I know it. I want what I want, and I want her to have what she needs. We haven't had intercourse for years and years, partly due to her health issues and partly due to my ED issues. And for her, she doesn't want to have sex unless it includes intercourse. I think it's all bullshit when I consider her past, which I rather no won't go into now (just ask).

About 30 minutes later she comes out ands asks me. "I can't take this constant haranguing by you and the fighting over this. If I fuck another guy for you will you leave me alone with this shit?" I tell her "I'm not sure but it's a start."

Then she surprises me leaving me agape, "OK set it up. Do it fast before I change my mind." I ask her about the type of guy and when is fast. She tells me that by now I should know what she likes and dislikes and fast is ASAP, before the end of the week. She goes back into the bedroom and says goodnight leaving the door open this time. Her anger has subsided, but what does she have in store for me I wonder. She always gets even, she always needs her 'pound of flesh.'

Sunday 9/2 I try some of the old CL Reponses that I have sitting in my possibly' folder from back when. Not only is CL dead so is the e-mail relay, all those leads gone. I resurrected our AFF account "matureduo4play". Only a few of the possibilities from our 600 are still valid accounts. I go to a new site I've recently read about as a CL replacement "doublelist". I search "males for couples."

One ad stood out:
"Experienced bull looking for cuck/dp/dv couples (myrtle beach)
36 y/o, d/d free, non-smoker, mixed (not AA), good looking, 5'10", 175 lbs, 7" c, super experienced with wives and single females. Open to all body types, races and legal ages. Please be std free. I'll travel to you.

Most importantly, please be serious and willing to meet soon. We can meet for drinks and feel of the vibe is right or not.


We had a few e-mail exchanges and was confident that he could fit the bill very nicely, with one possible hiccup. I told her I found a candidate and asked if she wanted the details, she emphatically said "NO - LET'S JUST GET IT OVER WITH." She's not a size queen having told me that big is uncomfortable and hurts when a guy bottoms out. I'm now about 5" was about 6 1/2", another by-product of aging. He's 7" not even close to being big, he's average. White - race doesn't make a difference to either of us, we're completely non-prejudice (I think she's had black in her youth - just ask). He's cut, what I think is what she prefers, it's something that never came up in the past. At 5'10" he's 2 inches short than me but 4 inches taller than her, perfect. At 175# he's about 25 lbs lighter than me but heavier than her, and the height/weight ratio says he's fit. The crux is his age, in the past whenever a candidate was under 40 she complained it was too close to her sons age, she's now 65, her son is 35. I felt compelled to mention his age she said "I don't care". Like us he's std free. The best asset is he's an experienced bull, which means 1 of the 3 of us is. He asked for a photo, but she's paranoid about photos so I declined his request, he offered one in return but I told it wasn't necessary.

I asked her which day would be best for a meet and greet. She said "we don't need to drag it out into 2 meetings and we don't need a meet and greet. Let's just get it over with." On this I held firm. I asked if she wanted to be copied on our e-mail exchanges, she said '"no". After several e-mail's back and forth I set up a meet and greet with the understanding that if things were OK we'd play after, otherwise we'd say goodbye without any hard feelings.

I picked the Hyatt Place Savannah Airport as they had a bar which would be convenient. It was far enough away from home for us that there was little to zero chance of being 'discovered'. Of course I booked a room, not really sure how things would play out, I booked a king size bed. I asked her if she wanted to know any details, testy she said "I told you let's just get it over with." I wasn't getting good vibes, this was supposed to be adventure, a pleasurable adventure, it was turning into something else, something I can't quite describe. But definitely not pleasant. I began to wonder what penalty she had in store for me, by now I was sure it was a whopper. Oh well, we're on this path and I'm ready to and willing to take the penalty.

We agreed upon Thursday 9/6. 6:00pm we'd meet in the bar.

Thursday came and I did my usual with her to get her out on time, she is time challenged, she is late everywhere we go. Surprisingly this time she was on time I told her we'd leave at 5:30 and she was ready at 5:30, I was in shock. I expected her to be excessively late thereby scaring off our candidate that would then give her the excuse of "see I tried." But gladly, I was wrong.

We were silent for the entire 20 minute drive. We parked, I got her walker and to the bar we went. He was waiting at a small table. He was exactly as he described, and rather handsome by my standards. I introduced them and they shook hands, as did he and I. We sat and we ordered drinks, he already had a beer, I ordered Sweet tea as I don't drink she ordered a mojito, fortification I thought. We made uncomfortable small talk, after a bit, she looked at her watch and said "it's getting late guys." Wow that surprised me, taking a bit of control to move things along. If you wonder she didn't wear a skirt or see through blouse, nor does she wear heels any more. So stretch jeans a (not low) V neck blouse, and yes she wore a bra. Absolutely nothing sexual, erotic or sexy the way she dressed, looked or comported herself. I offered to pay for the drinks he took the bill from my hand and went to settle up. She glared at me and said "he's getting my pussy and you want to pay for drinks to" as she shook her head in dismay. I ignored the comment. Was this fun or what I thought to myself sarcastically.

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