Is this the start or the end (part 2)?


Apr 21, 2016
Bluffton, SC
As we entered the elevator I was getting butterflies. She stood equidistant from us both. Fantasy was starting to meet reality.

I unlocked the door and held it for them both then shut and locked it. I turned on the TV. She said "why don't you guys get comfortable I'm gonna take a quick shower." Oh fuck, I thought to myself, generally her showers are long term affairs, I mean drain the hot water heater long. We got undressed and got on the bed each on a side watching the TV. His cock was quite impressive. It stood straight up in the air, hard with a nicely shaped head, tight balls and he was trimmed as well. No ugly popping blue or purple veins, no discoloration, it was a very nice looking dick. It looked like I did some 35 years ago. I had to rub to get semi-hard-on, after all he is half my age.

We just laid there waiting for him to have my woman. We said nothing, didn't even talk about the weather. The silence was deafening. Again fantasy was meeting reality as I thought that this guy will be entering my wife's prized possession, her pussy, my pussy in just a short time. I expected a long wait and was surprised when I heard the bathroom door only 10 minutes later. She emerged wearing a new black baby doll (see the pic - it's not her but what she wore) I had gotten her many months ago which she stuffed in her drawer, and high heels that I haven't seen her wearing that I can remember, she hasn't worn heels in many years, bare legs. I was in shock as this was not a woman who said "let's just get it over with", she seemed rather engaged in the process. She nonchalantly braced herself against the wall rather than use her walker. She looked out of this world hot. Her blond hair draping the black baby doll, she said the thong was a little too small and hoped that her being pantiless wouldn't disappoint us. She was a vision, she even trimmed her bush, I haven't seen her dressed like this in many a moon. My ED issues seemed to take a vacation. I heard him under his breath, "wow. 65 my ass."

I got up from the bed and approached her face to face and started to kiss her. That is her #1 turn on. He got behind her nibbling her neck and ear lobes. I held her helping to steady her. I could tell she was enjoying the attention. We switched positions, he now face to face and me behind her. They kissed and I nibbled. She reached a hand down to his cock and the other to mine. Soft strokes. I started to lift her baby doll above her head and she complied by putting her arms into air as I slid it off.

She disengaged us saying "it's time for bed boys". She was getting playful. I liked it. It eased my ever increasing angst. She laid on the bed and spread her legs. I dove in licking her pussy, it was dripping wet, she hasn't been this wet in ages. Again this was not the sign of a passive woman. He got on the bed near her face and she started to suck him. I looked up and to see one hand cupping his balls and the other on the shaft of his cock as she sucked him.

Within minutes she had her 1st orgasm (she is multi-orgasmic). She needed me to wait before continuing (she needs about a 2 minute recovery). I went back to licking her pussy again which triggered another orgasm. I noticed that during her orgasm she stopped sucking him and returned when she recovered. Another 2 minutes and I again went back to her pussy. Her best orgasms are multiples of 3; 3, 6 ,9, 12 yes TWELVE. This time I reached up and tweaked her nipples, as I laid there licking and nibbling what I call her magic pussy. During #3 she stopped sucking him and just held his cock and moaned. I new experience for me to see, not sure about her (despite being very very experienced she never talks about her sexual past - EVER). When it was over she asked me to get a bag she had in the bathroom. I handed it to her, she reached in and retrieved a condom and a tube of lube. She handed the condom to him and she lubed her pussy outside and in. He rolled it on and got between her legs.

I was about to experience for the 1st time another man entering my wife (not necessarily for her since marriage - just ask). I watched as if it was a miracle. For me it was, she reached down and guided him into her as she moaned with pleasure as he slide in her slowly, inch by inch. For me it was both exquisite and horrible. A sight to behold. It was incredible - fantasy meets reality, not sure which was winning, the angst was off the scale, my stomach did flip flops. For a moment I thought I'd vomit, I felt like I should stop them and shout WTF. I guess this is what every cuckold goes through the 1st time. I was deep in thought about it, but made sure not to miss him being in her all the way. I had that moment of anger when I saw how willingly she gave herself to him, no resistance whatsoever. I had to mentally slap myself reminding myself that I wanted this, not her, that she did resist, for years. That had I only myself to be angry with and to blame. She gave me what I wanted. She whispered "give me a moment." They laid there coupled but motionless until she said "I'm OK now". He started to fuck her - in and out, slowly, methodically, she had her hands on his butt pulling him in tighter/closer. The look on her face was what I remember from when we used to fuck, it was now another man, another cock, a void empty for years now filled. It was pure ecstasy, pure enjoyment, pure fulfillment, pure satisfaction, pure pleasure, pure sex, the pure act of fucking for no purpose other than pleasure, no breeding, no love, no emotional connection. It was unmistakable. She had wrapped her legs around him essentially trapping him. They had their lips locked to each other. It was the kissing that really got to me. I had remembered that hookers never kissed their Johns, that for them it was considered too personal. I kinda felt the same, his dick in her pussy was OK but his tongue in her mouth wasn't. She reached a hand out to me, I had thought she was going to exclude me from here on. She did that hand finger motion than that says 'here - now' as she said "a 3 some needs 3 people". The moment they broke their kissing I took the opportunity and I bent down and kissed her as she was fucking this other man, it was surreal to say the least. Sexual excitement won over angst.

I couldn't tell whether my kissing her was exciting her to fuck him with more vigor or her fucking him was exciting her to kiss me with more vigor. She sucked my tongue so hard I thought it would leave my head as she had her 1st orgasm with him. She told him to wait a minute, he did as I had. She gave the all clear and they resumed their fucking. She told me she wanted my cock and I repositioned myself so she could suck me while fucking him. I gotta tell you my body isn't as limber as it once was and it took a lot of effort to maintain the position and any kind of erection. (Sucks getting old) As soon as my cock hit her mouth she had another orgasm, more intense than the previous. All she did was hold my cock and moan. After a few minutes of recovery she was again ready to resume fucking but 1st, she said "get rid of the condom." He asked if she was sure, She said "yes I'm sure, I hate rubbers." they went back to fucking with even more vigor than before this time bareback. I had to pull away as I was about ready to unload and I wanted to wait. She understood and moved all her focus to him, re-wrapping her legs around him and her arms as well. She found his mouth and was fully engaged in kissing him, all as if I weren't there. My angst returned and was off nuclear. But what did I expect. He said he was ready to cum and asked where, she said "in my pussy - where else." I reached over and pinched her nipple and that was enough to trigger for her 3rd with him which in turn triggered his orgasm pumping her pussy full of cum.

When their mutual orgasms subsided he laid there for a moment before withdrawing. He gingerly make his way off of her (remember she has medical issues) and laid on the bed next to her. I didn't let the moment pass as I got between her legs and was able to slide my semi-hard-on in her. The 1st time in many years. His warm cum as lubricant and her being stretched was the key. Something I told her so many times in the past (one of my justifications for doing this). She kissed me hard and deep as I entered her. As she felt me grow harder she turned her head and told him to fuck her mouth, he repositioned and did just that, not a hard fuck just a enough to know he was doing the fucking not her doing the sucking. She had an orgasm, we were all motionless for a few minutes then retuned to what we were doing. I lowered my head and sucked on a nipple, that was the trigger for another orgasm. When it was over I continued fucking her pussy and he her mouth. Then he said he was gonna cum again she held his butt so he wouldn't withdraw and shot his load in her mouth as she swallowed. As he withdrew she found my mouth and kissed me making sure that I tasted his cum. I looked at him, he was getting dressed. He looked at me and said he'd hang around till I shot my load. She told me to cum now and I did, filling her pussy with more cum. She had another of her 3 pattern her orgasms this time sending her the stratosphere. I withdrew as he thanked us and closed the door behind himself. I watched as our combined load of cum leaked from her wide open gaping cunt.

We laid next each other touching, holding, caressing until we fell asleep.

We woke in the AM, She was exhausted but I swear she had a glow, an aura of satisfaction and contentment that I haven't seen in a very long time. I had great time. I would say after 9 orgasms she did as well.

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