It's begun


Mar 23, 2017
So for sometime my wife I have had pillow talk about sharing her. We both have enjoyed the idea and it has become like foreplay for us. Anyway, long story short I've been encouraging her to tap into her freaky side when she's out with friends but for years nothing has happened other than a little dancing. That was until this passed weekend. She went out on Saturday and stayed at her friends and came home to me Sunday. As always I asked her how her night went not expecting much response but surprisingly she said "interesting". I instantly became curious and was about to ask a ton of questions but she assured me she would tell me the details later. We had friends round and it was torture waiting, I was both anxious and excited and couldn't wait for friends to leave to get her to bed. Fast forward a couple of hours and we're naked on the bed, she goes down me as she tells me what transpired. She had managed to lose her friends for an hour. She got talking to a guy and they started dancing, said she was keen to test the waters considering I'd been encouraging her for years. She continued to take me in her mouth only stopping to elaborate on the details. Basically they'd found a dark corner where they danced and groped each other and eventually he started kissing her cheek and inevitably went for her mouth. She let him kiss her and returned the favor and soon they were sliding tongues into each other's mouth. When told me that I almost came instantly. At that point I slid inside her and we fucked as she told me how good it felt to kiss another man and have new hands on her. Anyway, that's as far as it went - I know it's not the lengths that some of you guys have experienced but as a first experience it gave me a mixed feeling of jealousy, nerves, and fuck that's hot! I don't know what's next but that's the story so far.