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Dec 27, 2018
I dated my wife for almost four years before we married . She has always been a sexy little thing, five three and ninety five pounds. At my request she bleached her mousey brown hair a brilliant blonde and with her tan she never failed to draw attention from men when we went out.

Over time I convinced her to wear sexy things like tight short shorts or extremely short skirts. Her legs are what first attracted me to her and they always got her looked at.

After we got married I began teasing her about how my friends are always commenting on how sexy she was. At first she laughed it off but after a while she started acting like it made her hot to hear me tell her how one of my buddies talked about her.

One friend in particular Keith always said if I wasn't married to her that he would tear her pussy up. I told her that and this time she didn't laugh. I told her once while Keith and I were four wheeling we had stopped to take a piss and I caught a glimpse of his cock. She asked it was big. I said it's definitely bigger than mine. She asked how much bigger? I said easily twice my size.
I could tell she was interested.

Shortly after that conversation we had several people over to cook out and swim, I made sure Keith came. I had bought my wife a new bikini just for this day. It was white and looked awesome next to her dark tanned skin. The top was a typical adjustable triangle type and the bottom is Brazilian cut, showing half her ass cheeks.

When Keith arrived I called my wife over to model her new suit. After she did a slow turn to show him her almost bare ass I noticed a lump in his swim shorts.

I whispered to my wife that she had made Keith's cock hard. She glanced at his shorts then looked at me and licked her lips. I patted her ass and whispered that she should try and suck his cock. She smiled and as she walked away she said I just might.

As the get together started breaking up Keith told me he needed to lay down for a bit. He said he was slightly over served, I told him to use the guest room .

After everyone had gone I told my wife I'd finish cleaning up if she wanted to go suck Keith's dick. I think she had just enough to drink to do it. She told me OK and she headed to the house.

I hurried and finished picking up and went to spy. When I got in the house I saw the guest room door closed so I went to our room to see if I could hear anything through the wall. I laid on the bed and tried to hear what was going on in the next room but I ended up falling asleep.

I woke up when I felt my wife trying to slip into bed. I rolled over and ran my hand up her leg all the way up to her vagina. I found it soaking wet and easily slipped two fingers into her. I whispered damn baby sucking his cock made you extremely wet. She said all that isn't me. I said what ? She said after I had him erect I had to feel that big thing in me. You let him fuck you I almost said out loud. She shushed me and said yes. I was overcome with lust and before I knew what I was doing I was sucking her inner pussy lips into my mouth. I stuck my tongue as far up her as possible and I was rewarded with a mouth full of a mixture of his and my wife's lust.

I pushed my own pathetic little penis into her very loose wet pussy all the way to my balls in a single stroke. I immediately began pumping my balls into her. After I had finished I fell over to my side of the bed and apparently passed out. I woke later needing to piss and when I came back to the bed I noticed my wife wasn't there.

The following morning I got up and started coffee , I carried a cup out on the deck to relax. In only a minute or two I heard the patio door open and turned to see my sexy wife walking out wearing only one of my t shirts. Her hairless pussy peeking out from under the short shirt. She sat next to me and crossed her gorgeous legs. I asked if she had a good time last night? She cooed and said oh yes and again this morning. I said you mean you have a pussy full right now? As she sipped her coffee she said oh yeah.

I dropped to my knees and carefully uncrossed her legs, then I put my face on her crotch and began licking at her pussy. There was most definitely an aroma of a man on her. She lifted her ass and scooted to the edge of the chair to give me better access to her unfaithful pussy. She held my head with one hand as I sucked her clean. Keith has since began fucking my wife several times a week. As of now he has had my wife's pussy nearly two hundred times. And I've eaten everything he left in there.


Mar 6, 2017
I think once a man who is comfortable in his own skin and wants to share his wife the natural progression is to "taste the sweetness" her lover left behind.
It's quite enjoyable for both my hubby and myself.
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