just had to get a taste

Sep 3, 2016
A few years ago,my sis in law came for a vacation,she lives in another country,one night my wife ask me to take her out cause she had to work, so we went to a club,was a bit awkward at first but after a few beers and shots we both loosen up a bit,still the respect was there,we danced a bit and had a few laughs at the club ,was actually quite fun spending time with another woman although she was my wife sis
we finally got home drunk as fuck,she was walking up the stairs in front of me,wearing a mini dress not slutty but short, i can see right up between her legs being a few steps down,,her thong panties was basically lost between that sweet ass of hers,finally i carried her to her room lay her on the bed,she was knocked out,while taking her shoes off,i couldn't help but stare between her legs,omg,then i heard her kinda making that heavy breathing sound when ur deep asleep,
i just couldn't help myself,i went and started to just rub my face between her legs,omg it smelled so good,then,just slipped her panties to the side and started sucking her clit,although she was asleep,she open her legs a bit,i sucked her pussy for about 15 minuets,she then turned to her side allowing me to suck on her ass a bit while playing with her pussy,i even manage to get a couple fingers all the way in ,she was dripping wet,i think she actually came.,few minuets after i heard my wife pulled up i scurry into the shower ,then i went on the bed with my wife,i was so hard ,i fucked the daylights out of my wife,my wife was like what got into you??
next mourning we woke up,while having breakfast my sis in law gave me a strange look as in (i don't think she knew what happened,but she knew something happen)
i know what i did was wrong,alcohol and lust don't mix...hope that don't make me a bad person