Love and Marriage part 2


Dec 1, 2018
Tyrone came back and I told him I was ok with it and about the extras. I told him that i wasn't happy for him to be driving Brooke around in the cheap looking car he had so I would give him free use of a safer one. He said that was great and he would move into the flat next week after the bed was replaced. I told him that Brooke would go shopping for the bed and tv while I got the car. Then he shook my hand and said that he "really needed to nut" so we should probably seal the deal properly then and there and he dropped his pants. He was already hard and I guess about 9 inches and way thick. He bent Brooke over the railing and pushed her skirt up. I was surprised to see she wasn't wearing knickers. He entered her from behind and for the next 15 or so minutes he fucked her with amazing rhythm. I could tell that Brooke was in heaven despite the "uncomfortable" position. Her top came off at some point and I noticed - no bra. His huge hands squeezed her breasts and nipples as he thrust into her until he started ejaculating. I was amazed at the volume that he pumped into her. It was dribbling ... no it was leaking heavily out of her. Then he turned her around and had her take him in is mouth and she was making a sort of cooing sound while she cleaned him. I noticed that her nipples were erect and larger than I think they ever were before. While she was licking and sucking his cock it got hard again and he started fucking her throat. I could see the head of his cock pushing from inside her throat and she was taking all but a couple of inches into her. Eventually he pulled out all but the head and she started wanking him until he began to cum. She tried to swallow all of it but he surprised both of us by giving forth with three more large spurts after it seemed he was finished. Brooke wasn't ready for that and it flowed out of her mouth. Seemed to me he had more cum in one spurt than I had in a complete ejaculation. Don't know what it says about me but I was impressed. He suggested I give her a loving kiss which I did regardless of the cum all over her mouth and face.(how do I love thee? Let me count the ways).
And that was the beginning of my cuckold life. That is about all the graphic description you are going to read here and I only put in in here as a matter of record not meant to excite the reader which I am sure it didn't anyway.

Tyrone went home and I made some coffee for us. I didn't really know what to say and Brooke was in a place I had never known. I suppose "blissville" was probably close. I took her to bed unwashed and cuddled her to sleep. Next morning the bed smelled heavily of sex and i stripped the sheets. During the next few weeks they mainly did their fucking in the flat but every time Tyrone visited the main house he had his hands all over her and usually she gave him a blowjob and on the odd occasion he fucked her ... doggy as usual with her bent over a chair or whatever and her breasts swinging in time with his thrusting. It was actually exciting for me to watch. I had to start her off with the butt plugs and dildos. He brought several of each in different sizes. From 4 inches up to 8 inches and obviously different thicknesses. He said he didn't want her to have anything as big as him in there until she got the real thing. (bloody skite) She got in the habit of wearing the plugs for increasingly longer times and had me gently "fuck" her ass with the dildos each night before bedtime.
One night Tyrone came to dinner and told me he would take Brooke back to the flat for her first ass fuck. I looked at Brooke to gauge her reaction and she had a huge smile. For me it wasn't the best night of my life. I had been looking at her ass while using the dildos and now someone else was going to do something I had never done and possibly would never get to do with my wife.
Brooke stayed the night with Tyrone and I didn't see her until the following night. I asked her how it had gone and she said "fine". I said "is that all you are going to tell me?" and she said that it was a private thing between the two of them and she wasn't going to discuss it.

That was a few months ago now. Brooke was getting her daily sex while i was at work and I have to admit that she never seemed happier. No pregnancy happened so far for which i am thankful. We all went out to a restaurant once a week and it was obvious to all that I was being cuckolded by this huge black man. As they wanted to dance in public we all went to a club quite often and they looked like they were likely to do it right there on the dance floor but always stopped short of that. It wasn't long after her first ass fuck that she was having me lick it after (to help sooth it because it was sore). I noted that she didn't wash it first. I get sneaky and "accidentally" let my tongue go in there and sometimes even tongue fuck her. Go me.
Sorry I am losing it a little here. The thing is that Tyrone was now going to move to another state in order to further his career. I got introduced to James ... another black giant. Same deal as before except that James has some friends that he wants Brooke to party with also. He likes group sex it seems. I looked at Brooke to see her reaction and it saddens me to say that she looked thoroughly delighted. What could I say?
That was last night and I may come back and add to this as time goes by ... or I may not. I do think writing this down is helping me to think more clearly about things but I always come back to my marriage vows - "for better or for worse". This has not been the "better" part but it's not the end of the world either.
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