Love and Marriage


Dec 1, 2018
I dont consider myself a writer or storyteller so please try to refrain from heavy criticism. This is just me jotting down some real life experiences. Don't expect pics or vids as privacy is required.
Happy to answer questions or discuss anything.

My wife was 18 when we met and I was 10 years older. We married 2 years later which was 3 years ago.
For the purpose of this narrative I am Bob and she is Brooke.
Brooke was virgin when we met which was probably not a good thing as it was left to me to teach her about sexual activities. I made the mistake of ejaculating in her mouth once and that was the last time she has consented to oral. Anything other than missionary style vaginal sex has been rejected as being uncomfortable. She has stated categorically that anal sex is not an option. Which is a shame because i am not well endowed and anal sex is far more exciting for me than vaginal. For those who think that all virgins are tight I have news. Brooke has always opened up easily. I can get my fist in there after getting her excited with my tongue and fingers. Perhaps because she rode horses, maybe because my dick is thin ... I dont know but she could clamp down on it really hard.
We used to have sex regularly except those times when "aunt flo" came to visit although the "regular" has reduced in numbers as time has gone by and until recently was down to once or occasionally twice a week. We have been trying to have a child but no luck as yet.
About 3 months ago Brooke said to me that she had a confession to make. The conversation went like this ...
"Bob ... I need to tell you something. Remember when you had to go on that business trip a little while ago?"
"Yes sweetheart, I was gone for 3 days and missed you so much"
"Well ... Bob ... on one of those nights I went out for drinks with the girls from work and I'm sorry to say I got quite drunk."
"That's ok sweetheart its nothing to worry about"
"But I did something I shouldn't have done, Bob. I met a guy and had sex with him".
"Say something Bob."
"Ermm. ... not sure what to say sweetheart. Is there any reason that we cant forget it happened and just move on?"
"Oh Bob ... is it any wonder that I love you?
But ... Oh dear ... darling Bob ... I want to see him again. Its not that I have feelings for him ... it was just a physical thing. But ... you know that your little penis doesnt give me orgasms and I do appreciate the way you go down on me but ... this guy gave me just astonishingly wonderful sex and I know its wrong but I want more. I didnt mean to cheat on you and I wont see him again if you tell me not to but I will be very sad."
"Errmm ... I see. Can I think about it?"
"What about if I invite him for drinks on Friday night and you can meet him before you decide?"
"Oh ... yeah ok. That seems like a good idea.. Lets do that then."
Friday night came as did her "friend". Over 2 metres tall and built like an athlete. Early 20s and black. Hands the size of baseball mitts.
Did i feel like the dominant party here? No i did not.
Brooke introduced him as Tyrone. He enclosed my hand in his and thankfully didn't squeeze too much. Then he told Brooke it was nice to see her again and putting that same huge hand on her ass he kissed her on the mouth. I looked away and said I would get some drinks and why dont we go out to the decking and enjoy the fresh air. Tyrone broke the lip lock to ask for a beer. I admit that I made that suggestion so Tyrone could see the magnificent ocean view that we have. It was a bit like saying that he may have a bigger dick but I had more money. Childish I know.
I suppose I had already decided to let her do whatever she wanted. I love her and want her to be happy. On the other hand I have read stories about cuckold relationships and I was worried that my own happiness could be at risk. Play it by ear was my decision.
He said that he was impressed by my apparent maturity in that I had remained calm and civilized. I was feeling anything but.
I needed to know so I put it to them.
"Can you please tell me what exactly you both have in mind as between yourselves and as between Brooke and myself in relation to sexual activities going forward?" Or something along those lines. I was very emotional at that point.
Brooke spoke first and said that she would like sex with Tyrone as often as possible. She would like it daily but said that was not likely because Tyrone had committments with his basketball team and would be travelling often during the season. Apparently their first (and so far ... only) meet was that one night but it carried on all night and into the early evening of the next day so they really got to know each other. After that came many phone calls where they discussed the situation. Tyrone wanted to be with Brooke as often as possible. At this time he didn't have a girlfriend. They both maintained that it was just a fun thing and I shouldn't worry about them getting emotionally attached. Brooke said that Tyrone wasn't getting enough money to live on from basketball yet and maybe could I put him on the payroll at my office so he could then give up his current job and have more time for her. Well why not? At least it is another way to show my "superiority" isn't it.
Brooke said that Tyrone would lay down some rules which were non negotiable and they were that I was not to have sex with Brooke other than giving her head and her giving me hand jobs. Brooke suggested that I could visit a prostitute for sex if I wanted. Other rules were that Brooke would not wear bras knickers shorts or pants when he was with her. Yes I know ... yet another cliche but I swear that's what he said. He would have the right to fondle her anytime and anywhere no matter who was looking. If the three of us were together I was not to get upset if he had her give him a blowjob while i watched or if they had full sex in front of me. If they started that I was not to leave the room on any pretext unless told to go away. That was Tyrone trying to dominate me i guess. Tyrone said to me that he understood that I had not educated Brooke properly in anal sex and swallowing cum. I said that those were her decisions and he said that was crap. "Women want anal sex and want to swallow cum Bob". "Of course they dont like saying that to their new husbands so they often tell him its not on but if he is a man he will work it out with them anyway". Not his words but that's the general meaning. It seems that Brooke had swallowed a number of loads from him on that first date but she was too tight for anal. Tyrone said that he would bring round some butt plugs and dildos and it would be my task to use them to gradually stretch her anus "so that anal sex didn't make his cock sore". (Poor him)
He and she would discuss what clothes she was to wear.
They would not have sex in the "marital bed"
Brooke suggested that Tyrone could move into the self contained flat attached to our house. It had a separate entry and garage. I suggested that Brooke and I needed to have a private word and Tyrone said he would go for a walk. While he was out Brooke asked me if I was ok with the idea. (how do I love thee? Let me count the ways) I said I wanted her to be happy. She said that this was something that probably wouldn't last. Maybe a year or so. She told me that she wanted to do everything possible to entice Tyrone into staying and it would help if I would give him a nicer car to get around in and to put a really big 4k tv in the flat so he could watch the games which he liked to do to keep up with tactics and check out the opposition. Also could i install a larger bed in the flat with him being so tall.
I said I could do all that but i was wanting to know in which bed Brooke would be sleeping. Brooke told me that Tyrone liked to sleep alone because if he had company he wanted sex all night and he needed to get his rest. Brooke said that she could attest to that as during the time she was in bed with him he only needed a quarter of an hour between ejaculating and getting hard again and that went on for the 18 hours she was with him except for breaks for breakfast and lunch. So it was likely that she would sleep with me except probably one night a week.
I asked about condoms and she said they wouldn't be using any and she wouldn't be going on any birth control. She said that as we hadn't managed a pregnancy in all the time together so far it was likely that one or both of us was not able to have a baby. If it was her problem then she wouldn't fall pregnant to Tyrone anyway and if I was firing blanks then this would be one way of having the child we always wanted. That did sound logical in a weird way.
I asked Brooke about the anal sex and cum swallowing and she said that she really didn't like swallowing and really didn't want anal sex but was frightened that Tyrone would walk if she didn't do those and please dont tell him that.
I was running out of reasons to say no, not that there was any chance of that anyway.
Brooke then said that she would stop working so she could be more available to Tyrone during the day. That didn't worry me as she was only working to give herself something to do. We didn't need the money. I had a very successful business so money was not an issue.
I keep reminding myself that I haven't been a failure as a provider just useless in bed.
So the time came for a decision and I agreed to it all.
I have written more but there is a word limit here so will continue it later.