Make my wife squirt


Jan 20, 2020
As long as you have about 7 inches and thick you should be able to pin her legs back and hit the right spot. Works for my wife!
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Sep 9, 2021
Not sure every woman can squirt or, if they can and you're doing everything right on your end, it may come down more to ability to relax on their part?

I've made a few women squirt in the past through sex or oral sex. One night years ago I was drunk and ended up banging this friend of my cousin's GF on the floor of his apartment while everyone else was in bed and she squirted so much she left a puddle on their carpet lol... oops... I guess my cousin's GF liked what she saw because she was always coming onto me for years after until we finally hooked up one drunken night and I made her squirt 3 times - I didn't want to ruin the couch so, after the first time, I swallowed the other two - was kind of hot. Once from sex but twice from eating her out, one time while fingering her ass.

On the flip side, I've never made my wife squirt despite some attempts in the past. She has said at times, when I was making her cum really hard, that she felt like she had to ********. My guess is, she was about to squirt and instead of letting go, she clamped up because she was afraid she was going to ********. (lol, not sure why but for me word filter blocking going p-e-e of all things)

Basically this:

She need to be really relaxed

Maybe some pot would help haha. I think also squirting is more likely to happen if you keep going a bit after they start cumming but with my wife, she doesn't like this because her clit gets hyper sensitive and she can't take it.

I feel like the times I've gotten closest to making her squirt its been while going down, with some fingers massaging near the g-spot and then a finger in the ass, which always makes my wife cum really hard. But again, if they can't stay relaxed and let it happen, I don't think it will.
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