Me again. A quick true story


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Aug 27, 2018
My wife Cait had been fucking around with one of neighbors.
I wasn’t with her for this fun, but this is what she told.
Our neighbor Randy called her on Saturday afternoon. He asked if she would like to go to a lake and boat for the afternoon. Of course she said yes. I told her it was fine and to have a great time.
She said they cruised around the lane for awhile when the went out far into the middle of the lake.
This is where they got naked and started to fuck.
They were really getting into it and didn’t notice a pontoon full of drunk college kids come up beside them.The college kids started to cheer them on.
Instead of becoming embarrassed they continued while the college kids cheered them on.
After Randy cum in my wife’s pussy the students gave them a round of applause and passed over a few cans of beer and then left.
While she was telling me this I fucked her so hard.
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