Memphis Tn Area

Jun 9, 2018
We are in the Memphis Tn area, with CL being out of circulation for us 'casual swingers' we have joined a couple sites hoping to bump into others that used to use CL to vet potenital meet and greets. Anyway, cheers and if you are decent looking couple to complete fine, wife and I may be interested. Also, we LOVE Nashville and have no problem traveling there if you are a couple or VGL dude. Shes a complete milf :)

Not sure if its cool by the rules here, but you can always email us at average.couple at tutanota dot com. Its our 'adult' email account so please do include pics if you contact us. We always return emails, even if its 'no thanks' but we love meeting new people, in person preferably but cyber also ; )

Are we a real hus/wife yes. Not into Cuck stuff, MMF, MFF, MFMF and yes FFM : ) Shs's very down with the ladies, prefers it actually...all stuff we have done but Im (he) is not really into the whole cuck thing.
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