My 64 year old wife

Nov 7, 2017
Many, many years ago, when we were young, we made a sex video, but after we watched it, my wife made me delete it. In the video she gave me a wonderful blow job…which would be nice to have now, since I no longer get wonderful blow jobs.
Now that we are older, I often ask her if I can take some nude pictures of her, and she always says “NO”. Since her accident, she does therapy exercises in the nude, on the bed, and finally, she gave me permission to take some pictures…”but delete them right after you look at them, and you cannot post them online”.
Well, as soon as she covered her face with a pillow, I knew she would let me post them online, as long as she could remain anonymous. I often tell my 64 year old wife how good she looks in the nude, but please, tell me what you think.