My Asian petite GF

May 14, 2016
My girlfriend just gave me a permission to post a few photos of her, I've always loved the idea of sharing her with other men, and now she's starting to love the idea of being "my slut" and we're already planning our first encounter in late august most likely in Spain, where she can let all of her fantasizes come true, only wearing short dresses and high heels and if lucky some tiny panties so most of the other men get a clear look at her soaking wet panties, but the idea is to let her pick up some guys from the bar and invite them to the hotel room where she can be the star of the party filled with big black cocks taking turns on her as she makes me watch till they finish her off leaving her pussy dripping with cum, but here are a few pics I had of her. Right now she's nervous, excited and her pussy is so wet thinking about sharing her pics with you guys, so please tell her how you like them and what you would like to do with her given the chance :)

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Jul 25, 2016
She seems petite and ready for some acrobatic fucking! ;) you must get a fit guy(like myself) to really hit her spots! Hope you guys have fun! ;) would love to see more pics of your beautiful woman.