My first creamypie


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Dec 27, 2018
My wife finally admitted to having sex outside of our marriage after months of begging from me. The first couple of times she returned home after having sex she would only allow me to fuck her with no foreplay. I could tell she was looser than normal but that was all, finally one evening I asked her if she cleaned up before coming home. She said yes . I said next time PLEASE don't, just pull up your panties and come home.

That night when she called to tell me she was meeting Keith after work I told her to have him cum inside her and to keep it in with her panties. She moaned and said that's nasty. I told her I wanted to eat his cum from her freshly fuck pussy. She said we'll see and hung up.

It was just over two hours before I saw her headlights coming up the driveway , I met her at the door. I noticed She had wore pants and heels to work that day . I know when she does she always wears pantyhose under her pants and I was hoping she still had them on.

When she got to the door I kissed her and rubbed the front of her slacks, did you bring me a snack I asked. She pushed me away and said yes, I didn't wipe myself. I can't explain how excited I was, my hands and feet were ice cold even though it was warm that night.

As soon as I closed the front door I started begging for her to let me suck her pussy. She shook her head and said this isn't normal as she began unfastening her pants. They easily fell down her nylon covered legs and she stepped out of them. I could see the cotton gusset of her hose had a dark spot from her leaking his seed. I dropped to my knees and grabbed her ass cheeks while I put my mouth on the wet spot.

She spread her legs slightly and bent her knees so I had a better angle. I sucked her through the crotch for a few moments before I started pulling the pantyhose down. When I had them at her knees she grabbed my hair and forced my face back to her pussy. Suck my clit she ordered. I found her little clit swollen and puffy and easily sucked it between my lips. Her knees squeezed my head as I gave the love button my best.

She stepped back and sat on the couch while pulling her hose all the way off. Her spread her legs wide and said clean me up cuckold boy. That shocked me because she never had used that word before. As I smeared her messy pussy juice all over my face she held onto my hair and said that's it suck Keith's cum from your wife's pussy.

She had a massive orgasm and almost smothered my with her pussy , then she pushed me away as she panted stop ,I'm to sensitive down there. I pulled my hard cock out and shoved it all the way to my balls in a single thrust into her extremely relaxed vagina. I remained perfectly still for a little bit and just enjoyed the feeling of my wife's unfaithful pussy around my throbbing penis.

I said baby you are the hottest woman in the word. She looked me in the eyes and in a very sexy voice said do you like my pussy after Keith has ruined it? I told her that she has my blessings to fuck who ever she wishes. She wiggled her hips when I said that and I started pumping my balls into her.

I fell back on my heels and tried to catch my breath, then she motioned me with her finger and pointed to her messy pussy. What I asked. She said suck all than out of me. My own cum I questioned. She said yes. I tried to protest but she ordered me to do it.

Eating her freshly fucked pussy has become an every time thing.