My First Time With Another Man!

Apr 24, 2018
My husband was after me for a long time trying to get me to fuck another man but I just didn’t want to. That was until one night of heavy drinking and my uncle and an old friend of his, Jerome, was there along with a few others. Everyone had passed out but the 2 of us. Jerome was 25 years older than me, I was 37 at the time. His wife had died several months earlier and he was still mourning. We confused drinking and decided to get in the hot tub. I got him some shorts and slipped on some shorts and a t-shirt myself. I was already in the hot tub when he walked out still in his jeans and said they were to small for him. After discussing it he agreed to get in wearing his underwear if I did. I got out and changed into some panties, I wasn’t wearing any before, and one of Mike’s wife beater t-shirts. Jerome was still standing by the tub when I came out and climbed in. He stripped off his jeans and I saw he wasn’t wearing under!

He is a well hung black man, nearly 63 years old, but had an impressive penis. I was nervous because this was never my intention. I expected him to have drawers on and figured he’d only see me getting in and out of the hot tub. Now he was naked and sitting right beside me with his arm around my shoulders! We continued to talk, at first about his wife but eventually about Mike. He wanted to know what would happen if he walked out and saw us. I honestly wasn’t sure because we’d never talked about me fucking a black man or anyone behind his back. The heat seemed to get to him and he climbed out and lay on the side of the tub behind me , his giant cock now inches from my face. He started massaging my shoulders and soon sat up with a leg on each side of me. I felt my eyes close and my he pulled my head onto his lap, the back of my head lying on his dick.

The booze and heat from the tub coupled with the late hour had me tired. His massage was relaxing me so much I was nodding off a bit. I opened my eyes as he pulled my shirt over my head. I asked what he was doing and he said it wasn’t fair for me to have clothes on if he was naked. I grabbed the shirt and told him I couldn’t get naked. After struggling for a minute he tore the shirt so I let go. He then climbed into the tub and sat down turning toward me. He grabbed the side of my panties, which were just a string really, and ripped them too! I was caught so off guard by this that I didn’t even fight it when he removed them completely! I was now sitting here completely naked with a black man, best friends with my uncle, who I had known since I was 10! He was smiling and telling me what a sexy woman I am. He then changed the subject again and started talking about being single after so many years.

As we talked he put his arm around me and pulled me to his shoulder. I don’t know when it first happened, but at some point I realized his hand was on my breast! I tried to push his hand away but he resisted. I then told him we should probably go to bed. He said he was thinking the same thing and got out of the hot tub. I waited as he dried off and asked him to get my towel. I must admit I was looking at his penis, now fully erect, in amazement. I’d never seen one as large, nor had I seen balls so big and saggy. It was the thickness that really surprised me, though it was a lot longer than Mike’s too.

Jerome spread both our towels on the deck near the hot tub and reached out for my hands. I stood up without thinking and he helped me get out of the tub. As soon as we were standing he pulled me in, wrapping both arms around me and grabbing my ass with his hands. Without thinking, I looked up and he kissed me. Jerome isn’t a good looking man. He’s skinny, has hardly any hair, the skin on his arms is loose, but at that moment I was incredibly turned on! He eased me to the deck and grabbed a cushion for my head and I lay down. He started kissing my stomach and then worked his way between my thighs! I came almost instantly shaking as I did. He told me my pussy was already gushing and slid on top of me. I whispered that we shouldn’t do this but he quickly pushed the head of his cock inside me and I knew he wasn’t going to stop...and I didn’t want him to!

He was a magnificent lover, the best I’ve ever had before then or since! I remember hearing loud moaning but it was a few minutes before I realized they were coming from me. I came at least 2 more times before Jerome finally finished, he shot his load in me and collapsed. I lay there in his arms for a bit, too tired to move. At some point I fell asleep and woke up to my Uncle Ricky’s voice. He told me I needed to wake up before Mike found me. I slowly stood up trying to clear the fog from my head. Uncle Ricky put his arm around me and helped me walk. We were inside before I noticed I was still naked, and had dried semen on my thighs. He took me to my bedroom and I got in bed. Mike was still asleep so I got under the sheet my uncle kissed me and said to get some sleep.

I woke up after noon and went looking for Mike. He was mowing the front yard so I showered and started cleaning up. Jerome called me on my cell and asked if I was doing ok. I fussed at him for sneaking out and leaving me naked on the deck. He just laughed then said he couldn’t wait for next weekend because he had something special planned. He hung up before I could reply. That afternoon I heard talking on the deck. I looked out and saw Jerome sitting there with Mike. When I walked out he was grinning at me but didn’t say a word. I stood there listening and he said I sure seemed to be having fun last night and laughed. Mike went for a beer and Jerome showed me my torn panties and t-shirt from the night before. He asked me if he should leave them there for Mike. Startled, I said no so he put back in his pocket and laughed. He got up to leave and said I’ll see you Saturday night, and left.

I didn’t tell Mike about it for several months. During that time I had 3 more encounters with Jerome and finally decided to agree to fuck Mike and another guy of his choosing. After our 2nd threesome I finally confessed.
Mar 7, 2018
I have it in my head that two men with nothing on their minds but pleasing a woman has got to be really good. Mine loves to suck cock and loves to fuck and doing both at the same time has got to be great.
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