my happy wife


Oct 23, 2017
I love my wife very and always in look out for new gift to please her.One day an idea struck your mouth has liking for different taste so ones pussy should also have liking for different taste.both are very similar in shape and purpose.both are covered with both under the cover of lips it is soft and meaty.both are used to take things in to them.So I thought as I take her to different restaurants to make her enjoy different delicacies and tastes.The same way it is my duty to let her enjoy different taste size and colour through her pussy.I tolt her about it first she was hesitant but ultimately agreed .the first change of taste was an italian,second was an Anglo indian, third was an iranian with a real fat cut cock.she very happy and love me more then ever before.I also told her to enjoy her sex to the maximum without bothering about surroundings now even when she is fucking me or any of her lover she does not close the door and the maid servant is allowed to come in to take instructions.Wife realy VERY i am letting her get friendly with two army major one is cut and another uncut want people to wish her LUCK