My Hot wife loves unprotected sex


Sep 2, 2017
My seductive feline, my gorgeous hotwife, a sensual feast for the eyes, her beautiful green eyes set against a mane of long raven coloured hair, curls covering her breasts, her body, a throwback to curves and feminine glory of the 60's, sex kitten looks that would make Playboy jealous, Barbi Benton looks, that left no doubt that she was made for mating.

She had her sights on a deliciously young nubile young stallion. The fore play extends over a week, evenings spent sending explicit texts, working one another into sexual anticipation, her eyes feasting on his muscular taught strong body, his boyish smile, and his l charged masculine energy. Yes, she wanted be taken, to take, ravish, and be ravished, she ached to feel his hard muscular body pressing against her, his lips, arms, and her prize, what lay waiting between his legs...

Explicit texts raced back and forth, sharing deepest carnal thoughts, a familiar throbbing, a wetness, her feline energy peaking, she readied herself for her young sexually steamy lover. The minutes ticked by as last minute thoughts were shared, his sexually energy overwhelming as he wanted her now, and she letting the sexual tension build, the anticipation burning between her legs being replaced by her young lovers steely hard phallus.

Early evening dawns with the arrival of her potential lover, holding her passionate female energy at bay, she heads to greet him.

She opens the door, her eyes taking in his beach boy looks, her eyes soaking him in, and just as quickly, embracing, their mouths locked, kissing deeply, meeting his tongue, exploring his mouth, his strong arms, his body pressed against her, wetness betrayed her, as she melted into him, his hardness pressed against her, they quickly raced up the stairs, straight into the bedroom, her hands discovering her lover, he her, her clothes quickly discarded, tasting one another, hearts pounding, the feel of his soft skin, the smell of his body, her fingers intertwined in his soft messy surfing hair.
He took her, placing her gently onto the bed, spreading her legs, her eyes feasting on his naked body, his long steely hard erection, stabbing the air, his chest and arms, his body a sensual feast for her eyes. He stettled between her legs, his tongue flicking her clit, and his fingers rhythmically, and sensually caressing deep between her legs, she arched her back, meeting his fingers, groaning, as his tongue licked up her juices, her body in ecstasy, as her juices flowed, and her body heat signalled a woman ripe for mating. Her hips gyrating, as orgasms rolled through her sweat headed body. As he sat up she reached out for her prize, she greedily took in her prize as her fingers wrapped around him, so hard, long, like a magnificent sword...her lips wrapped around his magnificent sword, so hard, the sweet taste, her tongue swirling around his head, her saliva, and his precum Mixing in her mouth, her starving for his hardness, as he gently guided or head and mouth, she could feel his desire, quivering as she took the full length of his gorgeous phallus deep, into her throat, his hardness slipping deep into her, her never wanting to let this moment end, her magnificent prize, his masculinity, hers, and only hers in this moment, her wild sexual demons screaming their hunger , as she transformed into her rawest female form, she wanted to consume, eat him alive, mate with him, consume his very essence deep in her...

The fire between her legs roared, throbbing sensations threatened her very senses, she gently let her prize go, wanting him desperately between her legs. Her eyes locked on his eyes, as he took himself, and settled between her legs, leaning forward, his strong muscular arms gently pushed her legs back, his hardness visibly throbbing, standing erect, so hard, so long, the lust at a crescendo, he slipped forward, his head pushing past her engorged lips, the throbbing screaming, her ache all consuming, she arched her back, biting her lips, grabbing his thighs, and then she felt him gliding into her, deeper, and deeper, being swallowed by her feminine desire, her wetness, and his hardness, as he glided into her cervix, my god, a delicious pain, as she felt his muscular body pressing down with his full weight, their tongues intertwined as he pushed deep into her, his masculine energy consuming her, his hardness pressing deep into her cervix, the length of his hardness being drawn deeply in by her sweet self, he could feel her powerful feline muscles drawing him in, her hips gyrating under his weight, her sexual demons screaming for him, for one, as they moved as one, the smell of their bodies, sweat soaked, him tearing into her softness, mating her, owning her body, her hunger for his seed, his everything, wanting him to be part of her forever, locked together In a lovers embrace, their cum muzzling deeply inside of her, her unprotected womb screaming for his seed, him
Pressing deeper, and deeper, wanting her feminine energy, to own her, thrust into her, like tow wild animals, lost in absolute lust, the sweet smell of sex permeated the room, as the silence was punctuated by her orgasms, and his groans, the sound of their bodies meeting, as sweat beaded and mixed on their bodies, hands, fingers interlocked in a mating ritual as old as time.

He pulled out of her wetness, like a sword from a sheath, her juices dripping from and her. He gently but firmly moved her onto her side, spread her legs, holding one leg up, and plunging back into her throbbing self, her gorgeous raven hair strewn across the pillows, her Barbi Benton looks, and steamy sensuality, were there to be taken, over and over. She gasped as his long phallus pressed hard and deeply into her cervix, her hips splitting, her cervix readjusting to the deepness, and the raw power and excitement of a man 1/2 her age, a match made in heaven, her at the zenith of her sexual powers, and her young 27 year old beach lover penetrating her over and over thrusting, her wetness spilling out, covering his hardness, his thickness and length seemingly and impossibly growing with every thrust.

Her wanton desire to be owned, was matched by his desire to own, as he pulled out of her tight wetness, he gently flipped her onto her stomach, and re entered her from behind, her curves and ass jutting in the air as he guided himself into her, her young warrior began slamming deeply into her awaiting steamy wetness, plunging over and over, the sounds of there bodies meeting loudly, her face buried in the bed sheets as he proclaimed her his, deep, over and over, her orgasms rolling through her body, her head pounding, trying desperately to not pass out from carnal pleasure, his weight fully pressing onto her, her cervix dilating with rolling orgasms, welcoming and swallowing his sperm.

She wanted to taste him deeply again, she lay him down on his back, and inhaled his manhood, spit and cummmixing again in her mouth his hardness, her hunger, swallowing him, licking swirling her tongue over his considerable length, the feeling of his heat, his musty masculine smell, her senses reeling in absolute lust, and ecstasy. She then guided her soaking wet self over him, spreading her legs, and descending onto his turgid rock hard sabre, her pleasure and sanity at odds as she rocked back and forth, her toy, deep inside, astride his tight legs cock and ass, rocking to her own orgasms, her full weight on his hips, her lips spread, her clit engorged, his hardness piercing her like a great sexual sword, but she wanted more as she raised herself off. He maneuvered in front of her, grabbed her legs, pressed them back to her shoulders, and then deeply plunged into her tight soaking wet body, her groaning as he leaned into her body, legs against her shoulders, his full weight, her body split wide open, their tongues intertwined as their bodies intertwined, sweat covering them both as they both felt the culmination of their raw mating, he slamming deeply into her, as she drew him deeply into herself, over and over, waves of orgasms met him as he pressed deeper, and deeper into her delicious curvy fertile body, her gasps, barely maintaining whatever senses she had, all wanting his sperm, deep in her womb, she was mating, taken, the pain unbearable, her desire was unmatched only his seed deep in her would suffice, nothing would stop her from her glorious prize. His arms holding her so tight, his muscular chest pressed against her large breasts, heaving together as their hearts raced, his tension building, her anticipation as she felt his powerful body tense, his hardness expanding more so inside of her, her sexual desperation for him, his everything, kissing necking so deeply, they were one as the sexual fire reached a massive peak, and then she felt a massive release of scalding hot semen shooting deep into her womb, her cervix, her orgasms matching his cumming forcefully deep in her body, over and over she felt the spasms of his seed spraying against the walls of her wetness, his sword so deep in her, it felt as if he was deep in her womb. He felt her muscles milking all of his cum into her, her hanging onto consciousness, every inch of her self satiated, every inch soaked in sexual sweat, their cummm mixxxed deep inside of her, the sweat gleaming from their skin, as they lay next to one another, few words were exchanged and as quickly as her young lover arrived, he was gone, leaving her cum filled, and sweat covered body to be ravaged by her fiancé....


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Allen Amboy

May 28, 2017
Bareback is obviously the best. Those who use condom domit for specific reason. Either worried about deseas or getting pregnant. I guarantee if non of those items concern you there is no reason to use a condom.
I’ve heard people talk about only ducking raw with people they know are clean. To me unless you go with someone to be tested, get the results with them and watch what they do every minute of every day, you realy have no way of knowing who is clean.
We go bareback because we love it that way, but we never ask if anyone is clean because we know we will always here, “yes I am clean”.
We’ve been fortunate to this day.


Feb 23, 2019
I Love feeling a dick head entering my cervix and cuming in me, always bareback then wirpes cock on my furry pussy for my cuckold hubby to lick .
My wife is the same- I am not allowed to see her naked, sometimes I earn to be present, but blindfolded and tied to a chair, or on my knees in front of the bedroom. Than I am ordered to clean her pussy, also his dick. Last weekend, she had a gangbang, I had to wear a collar and was forced by the guys to lick all cum off of her. I haven’t been in her pussy for 10months now. I have to suck her bulls, once in a month I am allowed to wank-usually when she is on period and her bull is using my arse. If I satisfy him-I am granted permission to wank.


Gold member
Mar 6, 2017
Kinda hard for hubby to clean up if not bareback....we didn't plan it that way but have been bareback since day one (over two years now) but we all love it.
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