My Latinahotwifes breeding fantasy

Would you breed her

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Jul 23, 2018
The wife and I have always had a breeding fantasy. We’ve talked about her having unprotected sex with multiple black men until she ends up pregnant. It’s hot The idea of letting several men attempt to breed her over several days or weeks so no one would know who the father really was.
We would go about it by meeting strangers at bars and nightclubs. She would flirt and suduce a young black man teasing him and letting him feel her up on the dance floor in front of everyone. Rubbing her ass against his cock until he was hard. Then she would invite him to our cheap hotel room. She would tell him how much she craves black cock and tell him to bring his friends. She would let them use her with the goal of impregnating her over and over again, night after night until one of them finally does it.
We could never play out this scenario simply because of the logistics of razing a kid but acting out the fantasy while she’s on birth control is not out of the question. I’ve even made a few fakes with her face comic strip style so we would see how our fantasy would look. I could tell how hot and wet it got her seeing them.